Meet the new D25 Pathways Team!

by Jim Jameson Pathways Coordinator As we kick off a new Toastmasters year we introduce the new team that will promote and support Pathways across D25. Who are we? Jim Jameson, Dave Papenmeier, David Winkowski, Kelsey Dean, Jennifer Dodd, Celeste Castro, and Greg Pick. (And we still have room for a few more!) Meet the…

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The Legacy of Officer Installations

by Kelsey Dean Division D Director Incoming Area 24 Director, Laurie McKee, shared her thoughts about installing officers for the first time. She advises to prepare ahead of time, use the right script for virtual or in person, and then, “take a deep breath and install those officers!” Thinking back on my first officer installation,…

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Outstanding Member – July 2022

by Marcheta Gardner DTM District Director D25, we are celebrating not one, not two, and even not three … BUT “19” Outstanding members for the month of July! We are highlighting our “Nemileta Networking Nine” Award winners, as they exemplify what Empowering Your Legacy is all about! For those who may not be aware, the…

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You Can Do More Than You Think!

by Alberto Pineda One beautiful morning, I dropped my shirts off at the dry cleaners. The lady there asked me, “Are you working from home?”  I replied “Yea.” She replied, “I can’t work from home because I never finished college”. To which I responded, “I never finished college”. We stared at each other for a…

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Empowering Legacy

by Jesse Ford DL5/SR3 Club Growth Director As your D25 Club Growth Director, it is my pleasure to EMPOWER you with the new 2022-2023 legacy INCENTIVES! Does that mean the NEMELITA award has gone away? No, it’s here for another year! But there’s more … “Celebrating Legacy” This incentive, honoring 2019-2020 Past District Director Jamie…

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