by Jim Jameson Pathways Coordinator

As we kick off a new Toastmasters year we introduce the new team that will promote and support Pathways across D25.

Who are we?

Jim Jameson, Dave Papenmeier, David Winkowski, Kelsey Dean, Jennifer Dodd, Celeste Castro, and Greg Pick. (And we still have room for a few more!)

Meet the new team at

What do we do?

As in past years, we answer questions and give presentations at clubs and TLIs. But this year we also have some new offerings, including new member Pathways orientation meetings and guest presentations to showcase creative approaches and advanced projects.

What else will we provide?

Copies of our presentations, videos, articles, guides, and tools, that we find or create, will be published on the D25 Pathways Resource Page over the next few months as we revamp this part of the new D25 website.

Please email Jim Jameson if you have any suggestions for this team, would like to help, or would like assistance. Thanks!

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