by Kelsey Dean Division D Director

Incoming Area 24 Director, Laurie McKee, shared her thoughts about installing officers for the first time. She advises to prepare ahead of time, use the right script for virtual or in person, and then, “take a deep breath and install those officers!”

Thinking back on my first officer installation, I remember wondering “why do we do this? When the area director came on-site, we shortened our regular meeting to have this official ceremony. We used an official script that included an address to the outgoing as well as incoming officers. At the time, I thought maybe it didn’t need to be such a formal process. Since that first officer position, I have participated in many officer installations, as a club officer, an Area Director, and now, a Division Director. I now see the wisdom in recognizing the contributions of the outgoing officers and welcoming the new officers.

Saying yes to an officer position, especially that first time, is a leap of faith. You may not know exactly what you’re saying yes to or know what the year will bring but, in the end, you will look back knowing you accomplished something: the relationships you’ve built, the memories you’ve made on the journey, the difference you’ve made for that new member and the impact you’ve made on the club. In short, it’s the legacy of you saying yes to that first step and every step thereafter. As a new officer, you may help the club overcome a hurdle or inspire people to try new things. You don’t know what your legacy will be when you say yes, but you do know it will mean something. The officer installation ceremony marks the beginning and the end of a journey, where it is an honor to participate every time.

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