by Marcheta Gardner DTM District Director

D25, we are celebrating not one, not two, and even not three … BUT “19” Outstanding members for the month of July! We are highlighting our “Nemileta Networking Nine” Award winners, as they exemplify what Empowering Your Legacy is all about!

For those who may not be aware, the Nemileta Award was an incentive where you can earn a District Focus pin while building your network within and outside your respective clubs! It was an opportunity to visit other clubs, get on their agenda (do this before the club meeting, please) and learn how other clubs operate. Everyone WINS because one doing the Nemileta, you get to participate in another club’s meeting, and those hosting, get “fresh” and “new” people as guests in their clubs!

Here are more benefits shared by Awardees – overcoming “glossophobia” which is the fear of public speaking, enjoyable experience, learning a lot, and relieving stress on current membership to fill open roles.

Congratulations to the “19” awardees that we are celebrating this month …

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