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From Sunshine to Sunshine 2023-2024 Incentive

Previous Year’s Celebrations:

Keller Communicators Club-#621025 & Highway to Excellence-#3332446 – From Sunshine to Sunshine

Joint meeting with potluck and innovative evaluation session.

A great time was had by all!

Liz Brenner, President, Keller Communicators Club
Event:  November 30, 2023

Joint special theme meeting with speakers / evaluators from both clubs where the evaluators also had a special designation of being one of the hear no evil, speak no evil, say no evil monkeys

We had a lovely time with Keller where we shared in food, fellowship, and fun the way only Toastmasters can. All of the members of HTE that made it out participated either as a speaker, evaluator, or table topics participant / leader. Additionally, we have two members who are dual members and they served as TM and GE.

Michelle Bayes, President, Highway to Excellence
Event 11/30/23


Off the Cuff-#4354 & Out on the Town-#897575 – From Sunshine to Sunshine

Plans for the November joint meeting began at the beginning of this Toastmaster year. It was an extra bonus that we could submit this form for the Sunshine to Sunshine incentive.

Off the Cuff and Out on the Town clubs had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and meeting. Chuck used his new toy to smoke two turkeys and a ham – YUM. We pitched in to cover costs of venue and meats. Everyone brought food to round out an amazing meal. Donna was able to secure her community room to allow for a festive environment. Everyone started gathering at 5:30 PM – setting up drinks, desserts, sides, main dishes. We started meal promptly at 6PM and meeting at 7PM.

Terry was our Toastmaster; Chuck our General Evaluator; Diana, Kimberly and Bobby our Speakers. Bill was even able to join us virtually to make the meeting even more special. Both presidents (Bobby and David) closed meeting.

Even though meeting was great the best part was visiting with members of both clubs. A wonderful time was had by all!! Happy Thanksgiving! (our theme)

Diana Patton, Off the Cuff – VPM & Out on the Town VPE
Event:  November 18, 2023


Power Communicators Toastmasters Club – Club #4538 – Open House

This meeting was the Fall installment of our Club’s Open House event. Our theme from this meeting was “Fall In Love With Toastmasters”. We served light refreshments, and had a period of food and fellowship prior to the commencement of the meeting. We were also graced with our Distinguished Guest in Emily Murray, DTM whom we are immensely grateful to have as our own District 25 Director!

Vernon Wright, VPPR
Event:  October 23, 2023


Tarrant County Toastmasters  – Club #1826942 – Open House & Golden Gavel

Tarrant County Toastmasters hosted a hybrid open house with the theme of “Harvesting Success with Toastmasters.” This was such a fun and well organized meeting. Donna Young, opened with inspiring words to greet the members and visiting guests. Bill Erwin was the toastmaster of the day. He guided guests and members with additional inspiration and education on the components of a toastmasters meetings. There were two inspiring speakers, Chuck Mencke and Andrea Payne. Table Topics held by D.J. Reed were creative and fun. Informative evaluations were provided by the club president Phylliss Christian Daniels and area director Jenny Riddle. An array of scrumptious food was provided. There was so much positive feedback from guests and members alike. Phylliss Christian-Daniels closed the session with words of encouragement and additional thoughts to inspire visitors and guests alike.

Jenny Riddle, Area 11 Director
Event:  October 17, 2023


Off the Cuff  – Club #4354 – Open House

We had a fabulous open house with many members and many guests and tons of laughs!  We had 10 guests!  We  had our annual Halloween/Backwards meeting. Theme:  Beginning at the end. Reggie as our posture monitor set the tone for the meeting but giving his report at the actual beginning of the meeting (normally done at the end).  Everyone stepped up to the plate and followed Reggie’s report – hopping like a frog, leading a band, screaming during speech and even got Celeste to do a little dance.  Who could forget Kimberly moving her hat around during her evaluation.  Greg as our Toastmaster did an amazing job handling transitions.

A fun time was had by all – great food and fellowship!

Kimberly Martin, VPPR
Event:  October 28, 2023


Fear-Less Toastmasters  – Club #7594460 – Open House & Charterversary

We combined our annual spook-a-thon, an open house, and charterversary into one frightening event dubbed Spook-A-Openversary. The meeting was a Blind Eye Seance. Blind Eye was inspired by the book about Dr. Michael Swango who continued practicing medicine as peers turned a blind eye to questionable deaths all involving this one doctor. The speakers, I mean Patients, appeared during the seance and told the story of their horrid demise. Two patients were seekers of the Nemileta incentive and our 3rd guest was a returning member. Joyce Trimble was the Seance Medium and Joson Bothun was the Seance conductor or “someone giving us a signal”. Something to think about at your next Zoom meeting!

Zoom meetings are basically seances with the living…Brian, are you there? Make a sound if you can hear us. Is anyone with you? Can you hear us?

Joyce Trimble, VPE/VPPR
Charter date: 10/1/2019
Event:  October 28, 2023


San Angelo Toastmasters  – Club #4486922 – Open House & Golden Gavel

San Angelo Toastmasters held their annual Halloween Open House event on Thursday, October 26th with five guests attending!

Toastmaster Of The Day Jenny Riddle guided us through the “haunted” meeting with her expertise!

Our guest speaker Aundrea Payne gave a speech that included a wonderful inspirational message: “The magic lies within YOU!” Special thanks to Aundrea for being our guest speaker and for also filling in to assist with AD duties during our meeting!

Our second speaker of the evening was Charter Member Pam Davis, who shared the story of “The Cremation Of Sam McGhee.”

Our Club President Larry Prince was our General Evaluator for the evening and “spooked” us all while leading the way in a round robin evaluation for Aundrea, “casting a spell” on our guest speech evaluator Savannah Smith, “howling” for reports, and providing us with his evaluation of our meeting.

Our VPE Hilda Guffey was our Grammarian for the evening, providing us with the themed word of the day “eerie.”

Our D25 Program Quality Director and San Angelo club member Jesse Ford filled the Timer role and was a true “rock star” in carrying out his duties!

D25’s Outreach Chair and San Angelo club member Jai Erwin was our “alien” Table Topics Master and led the invasion of mysterious table topics questions!

Guest Savannah Smith provided her speech evaluation of Pam’s project and it wasn’t too “scary” for us (and hopefully not for her either). Special thanks to Savannah for being our guest speech evaluator as she completes the requirements for the D25 “5-for-5” incentive.

Additional thanks to guests Phylliss Christian-Daniels (D25 CGD), Kym Schubert (AD14), and Samantha Watt (D25 Speech Contest Coordinator) for consistently cheering on our club with their guest appearances!

All in all, we had an “eerie” good time!

Sallie Jett, VPPR, District 25 Public Relations Manager
Event:  October 26, 2023


Tip Top Toastmasters  – Club #9595 – Open House & Golden Gavel

Tip Top Toastmaster had a wonderful open house. There was multiple guess in attendance included two additional Area Directors. The energy was lively throughout the meeting from both members and guest alike. With great speeches and thoughtful table topics responses; everyone had a good time at this open house!

Tiffany Morales, Area 12 Director
Event:  October 22, 2023


Keller Communicators  – Club #621025 – Golden Gavel

The highlights of the meeting were 2 excellent speakers, DTM both. Jill Morrison introduced her story of Blythe and her feline friend Clover. I can’t wait to hear all of the adventures she is scribing for her granddaughter. David Watkins’ presentation of A Historical Perspective of Global Warming caused quite a stir. General Evaluator apologized for the rowdy audience. Of course that was David’s objective., Managing a Difficult Audience!! Lots of laughter and I felt the energy even though I wasn’t in the room.

Joyce Trimble, Area 34 Director
Quran Anderson, Area 64 Director

Event:  October 26, 2023


Strategic Comunicators  – Club #621025 – Golden Gavel & Open House


Seeing Renika give her first ice-breaker on being a fast-speaking “cajun” teacher and watching the club rally behind her!

Watching Phyliss win the Table Topics as a guest!

Aundrea Payne, Club VPPR Area 43 Director

Event:  October 25, 2023


Golden Triangle Toastmasters Club – Club #5297 – Charterversary & Golden Gavel

For our 40th Charterversary the club officers spent months planning. We made custom backgrounds, invited the entire district via social media, we had two members of the trio come and Emily gave a pre-recorded presentation due to scheduling conflict. We reflected on the 40th years through table topics, and an honored past member gave a speech about what Golden Triangle meant to him. It was fantastic!

Samantha Watt, VP PR

Charter Date: October 1, 1983
Event:  October 4, 2023


FEAR Less Toastmasters – Club #7594460 & Once Upon A Time – Club #6103644 – From Sunshine to Sunshine

Type Event:  Saturday at the movie Social!

Once Upon a Time recently read Killer of the Flower Mound. We learned it was made into a movie that we must attend. And to make it better, we invited FEAR-less members to join us. Afterward, we had our picture taken by guest Carol Milton and then compared the book to the movie!


Once Upon a Time recently read Killer of the Flower Moon. When they learned it was made into a movie they knew they were going and invited us to join them . Afterward, we had our picture taken by guest Carol Milton and they shared comparisons of the book to the movie! In addition to the differences, we learned the history of Osage Indians and the beginning of the FBI. Thanks OUaT for the invite!

Joyce Trimble
Once Upon a Time, Club Treasurer


Event:  October 21, 2023


Airport Toastmasters – Club #5537 & San Angelo Toastmasters – Club #4486922 – From Sunshine to Sunshine

Type Event:  Team Building

First we started with introductions.1. Introductions: (Jim calls on people to introduce themselves, going around the room.)NameHow long we’ve been in Toastmasters?What is the biggest benefit you’ve received in Toastmasters so far

2. Table Topics Storytelling Challenge

Jim Chappell, Airport Toastmasters, President, VPPR


We had a wonderful time with the members of Airport Toastmasters! We had a total of 13 in attendance (7 representing San Angelo Toastmasters, 1 our Area Director Kym Schubert, and 5 representing Airport Toastmasters).

Everyone attending agreed that this was a great incentive and we did indeed “make our circle bigger” by meeting a few Toastmasters we didn’t know! This incentive was a success for both clubs!

Sallie Jett, San Angelo Toastmasters, VPPR

Event:  September 14, 2023

Nissan Toastmasters Club – Club #5922 & Golden Triangle Toastmasters Club – Club #5297 – From Sunshine to Sunshine

Type Event:  Social

Golden Triangle Toastmasters meets bi-weekly on Wednesday from 11:30a-12:30p. Nissan Toastmasters meets weekly on Wednesday from 12p-1p. We took this opportunity to combine the meeting, schedule it from 11:30a-1p, and incorporate aspects of the D25 incentive 5×5 Evaluations. The Nissan TM speaker was evaluated by a member of Golden Triangle Toastmasters and vice versa. Members of both clubs participated in Table Topics and we had a guest (not a member of either club) who attended as well.

Brandi Wesley, Nissan, Club President

Event:  August 2, 2023


Roanoke Texas Toastmasters – Club #4236 – Open House, Golden Gavel

A beautifully successful Open House! A perfect way to showcase Roanoke Texas Toastmasters Club and Toastmasters in general! Two great speeches, and a rousing round of Table Topics that got everyone involved. Evaluations that provided valuable feedback. Everything was right on time, right on schedule – leaving plenty of time to speak with our guests one on one about the benefits of Toastmasters. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Great open house! Nineteen members attended, with six visitors! Great agenda with a variety of speakers, from newer members to those with years of experience. Great evaluations. Plenty of conversation before and after. Many potential new members!

David Winkowski, Club Secretary & Division E Director
Meeting: October 16, 2023


AAFCU Flying Toasters Club – Club #643446 – Open House, Golden Gavel (need to verify)

We had a great meeting. All members where at the meeting except for 2 members. We had 4 guests, one of the guests was our Area Director. We had one Speaker and did some Table Topics and an Evaluator for our speaker. We had Jimmy Johns sandwiches with chips and drinks. One of our guests will be signing up for our club.

Celeste Castro, VP Education
Meeting: October 11, 2023


Alliance Networks – Club #5718 – Charterversary

We had a lovely meeting on October 17, 2023. Rebecca (our VPM) was giving a social speak to honor our club with a special ‘toast’. It was a perfect time for a Charterversary meeting. Our charter date is 9/1/1997 – 23 years. We had a great attendance – 14 members and 1 guest. We all raised our glass to toast this one amazing club and to receive (Rebecca’s) award – “Best Toastmaster Club In Texas”.

We had another outstanding speech by Wayne (funny dog stories), great Table Topics questions by Brian. Great job by our Toastmaster (Antonio – first timer), General Evaluator by Traci.

Lisa was first time evaluator and made us realize we needed to add more words to our vocabulary to use when evaluation – nice job! Tiffany did another great evaluation job too.

It was an all around great meeting and celebration.

Diana Patton, VP Education
Meeting: October 17, 2023
Charter date: September 1, 1997


Alliance Networks – Club #5718 – Charterversary

We had a lovely meeting on October 17, 2023. Rebecca (our VPM) was giving a social speak to honor our club with a special ‘toast’. It was a perfect time for a Charterversary meeting. Our charter date is 9/1/1997 – 23 years. We had a great attendance – 14 members and 1 guest. We all raised our glass to toast this one amazing club and to receive (Rebecca’s) award – “Best Toastmaster Club In Texas”.

We had another outstanding speech by Wayne (funny dog stories), great Table Topics questions by Brian. Great job by our Toastmaster (Antonio – first timer), General Evaluator by Traci.

Lisa was first time evaluator and made us realize we needed to add more words to our vocabulary to use when evaluation – nice job! Tiffany did another great evaluation job too.

It was an all around great meeting and celebration.

Diana Patton, VP Education
Meeting: October 17, 2023
Charter date: September 1, 1997


Progressive Leaders – Club #346810 – Open House, Golden Gavel, Charterversary

Highlights of our meeting:

10 year Charterversary and open house. Panel discussion featuring our founding sponsor Bob Marion, DTM joining us online from Oklahoma, charter member Sally Ortega Putney, and our Vice President of Public Relations Sudhir Joshi with Immediate Past President Sem Habtemariam moderating.

Sandy Swan, VP Education
Meeting: September 25, 2023

Note from Area Director Nicole Dogan:

As this is a political club, the evening consisted of a panel discussion by 3 former/current members who have previously run for political office. Each panel member answered with a 2-3 minute response to prepared questions. At the end of the meeting the questions were opened up to the entire audience. A fun time was had by all. It was great to see current and former members, as well as visitor, including some charter members. The hybrid format allowed local participation, as well as several interstate members/visitors.


Afterburners Club – Club #6191– Open House

Our 2023 Fall Open House was a great success with Fellowship, Fun and Food. Our Area Director Jenny Riddle was one of our four Honored Guests.


Rose Timmons, VP Public relations
Meeting: September 19, 2023


Southlake Club – Club #4987– Open House/Golden Gavel/Charterversary

The Southlake club hosted an open house to commemorate the 27th Charterversary of the club with the theme of “Celebration”. The club welcomed a total of 10 guests with coffee, a light breakfast, and a lively, engaging meeting.


To kick off the meeting Diana Patton, a long-standing member, recapped her history with the club followed by three speeches on topics including gaining trust and earning credibility, self-made billionaires and the importance of mentors delivered by Basem Haddad, Swaran Singh, and Karen Phelps. The impromptu portion of the meeting was equally fun with topics such as “Why you shouldn’t join Toastmasters”, “Why fast food is good for you” and “Why you shouldn’t go to college”. Thanks to all who participated and look forward to future events!


Taylor Hanken, President
Meeting: September 18, 2023
Charter Date: 8/1/1996


Out on the Town – Club #897575– Open House/Golden Gavel (?)

What an amazing meeting and open house last night. If I’m counting correctly, we had nine guests (including significant others) which included the Trio (Emily, Jesse, Phylliss) and our Area Director (Jeff). In addition to guests, we had 15 members present.

We honored Deb Peterson who we will definitely miss. Check the D25 home page with details of the service which will be Friday, September 15.

Diana was Toastmaster with theme “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round”. Three amazing speeches: Darlene, Terry and Kerstin. The evaluations were top notch by: Warren, David Martin and Ankur.

We look forward to future open houses our VP Membership Maribeth has scheduled. Come visit!

Diana Patton, VP Education
Meeting: September 9, 2023


Blue Castle Collaborators – Club # 7975857 – Open House/Golden Gavel

Blue Castle Collaborators is a warm, friendly and supportive community club. Based out of Cook Childrens Health care system, this club meets virtually the first and third Tuesdays of each month. This was their 2nd hybrid open house. Seventeen of the 24 members attended as well as 17 guests, 16 non-toastmasters and the distinguished division director, Denise McConnell. The meeting was advertised. Food was provided, all attendees wore name badges and were provided with name cards. Two amazing pathway speeches were given including one ice breaker. Table topics were creative and fun. The meeting started and ended on time. It was a great success with several guests stating they want to join. Best Table Topics was awarded to a non-toastmaster guest. Recognition was provided for members recently achieving pathway levels. As well as recognition to the previous President. The Area Director, Jenny Riddle awarded a sunshine medallion to the new club president, Erica Espinosa.

Jenny Riddle, Area 11 Director
Meeting: August 15, 2023


Something to Talk About – Club # 55518497 – Golden Gavel

Great comradery, everyone participated and it was a fun meeting.

Kym Schubert, Area 14 Director
Meeting: August 8, 2023


Afterburners Club – Club # 6191 – Golden Gavel

Afterburners is a warm and inviting club. They had a spectacular upbeat meeting tonight with 3 amazing speakers. There table topics were extremely fun and interactive. This is a hybrid club. They made sure they included those that were online. They had printed agendas and well prepared role takers. They started and ended on time and even had one guest join during the meeting.

Jenny Riddle, Area 11 Director
Meeting: July 25, 2023


Longhorn Toastmasters – Club # 3178 – Open House 

We hosted an Open House and offered sandwiches, snacks and cookies! Two new members joined after the event.

Shannon Luce, BP Public Relations
Meeting: July 17, 2023


AAFCU Flying Toasters– Club # 643446 – Golden Gavel, Charterversary

AAFCU Flying Toasters had a wonderful Charterversary meeting on July 19, 2023. Four guests joined the celebration. The meeting theme was “19 Years Club Celebration”.

Celeste Castro was the Meeting Toastmaster who set the festive tone and made every guest feel welcome. Scott Payne gave a keynote-length speech about “Life” as part of his EH Level 5 elective. He told us “he won’t tell jokes” yet he managed to have everyone laughing outloud with his “funny stories” and wanting more.

Miguel Franceschi was our Table Topic Master who gave us some great questions towards our theme celebration.

Jin Lim gave a wonderful feedback to Scott’s speech. Rehan Hafeez was our timer and Joshua Bauer was our Ah-counter/Grammarian. Our guest Gary was our photographer.

We finished a few minutes earlier to enjoy a cake.

Jin Lim, Area 62 Director
Meeting: July 19, 2023
Charter date: July 15, 2004


Mindful Masters– Club # 7663722– Golden Gavel

The highlight of this meeting is that it was a meeting – a productive, effective, and efficient meeting to start the 2023-2024 Toastmasters year off for the club. I was invited to the club by a surprise/unplanned encounter with a club officer at a club officer training.


The overall flow, energy, and evolution of the meeting within planned time constraints plus the recommendation from Debra S. DTM (club coach 2), this meeting met, fulfilled, and/or exceeded needs for a Gavel Club meeting – thanks Debra for sharing your sunshine on this for the club to receive proper recognition!

I’d like to thank the club and its leadership team for the efforts thus far to sustain the club through maintaining the Toastmaster Promise, and especially so early on – at the start of the 2023-2024 Toastmasters year!

Volonda Harris, Area 21 Director
Meeting: July 8, 2023