by Jesse Ford DL5/SR3 Club Growth Director

As your D25 Club Growth Director, it is my pleasure to EMPOWER you with the new 2022-2023 legacy INCENTIVES!

Does that mean the NEMELITA award has gone away? No, it’s here for another year! But there’s more …

“Celebrating Legacy”

This incentive, honoring 2019-2020 Past District Director Jamie Pickering, celebrates the good times within your club. Your club will earn a special Service pin for your club banner by holding at least two open houses with five or more guests attending each. Document this either in a club guest book or with picture(s). LINK

“Running Legacy

This incentive, honoring 2020-2021 Past District Director Chris Raneri, will earn a special Education pin for your club banner. To earn this special marathon incentive, have at least two club members complete either the Mentor Path in Pathways or earn their club coach credit PLUS submit FIVE Level 1 DCP Goals. LINK

“Inspiring Legacy”

This incentive, honoring 2021-2022 Immediate Past District Director Ninfa Flewitt, will earn a special Leadership pin for your banner. To earn this inspirational legacy pin, at least two members of your club must earn the NEMELITA Award PLUS your club must also host five people from other clubs working towards their NEMELITA award. LINK

And there is MORE! If you can achieve all three of these legacy incentives by June 30, 2023, you will also receive the “Empowering Your Legacy” incentive. Clubs accomplishing this monumental feat will receive all the aforementioned pins PLUS a special “Empowering Your Legacy” ribbon for your club banner AND not $25, not $50 but $100 TI Bucks. Limit one legacy incentive award per club. LINK

So which legacy incentive will your club complete? All of them? Excellent!  Details on how to submit will be on the D25 website soon, along with other information on other historical incentives still ongoing. Let us get EMPOWERED!

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