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Leading with Compassion: A Year of Growth in Toastmasters

by Denise McConnell DTM Division A Director As we approach the end of our 2023 – 2024 Toastmasters year, I am working with the area directors to help our clubs finish strong. We want every member to get full credit for all their speeches as they progress through their paths. We are attending open houses…

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by Emily Murray District Director DTM If you took sunshine and made it into something solid, it would probably be gold. Our March 2024 Outstanding Member of the Month is solid gold sunshine – so much so her name is even gold. Jenall Gold. Having joined Toastmaster in April 2023, it’s even more special that…

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Finishing The Year Strong Yet Making A Path Forward

by John Aparicio Division D Director Serving as Division D Director has been quite a daring adventure. I did not know what I was in for with the ‘23 – ‘24 year. I was met with challenges at every turn but was determined to keep sharing my sunshine no matter what! Whether it was grief…

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Leadership Lessons: Empowering Teams in Toastmasters

by Shameika McAllister DTM Division B Director Shameika McAllister, Division B Director in Toastmasters, shares invaluable insights into leadership, organizational management, accomplishments, challenges, and plans for a smooth transition for her successor. Through her experiences, she highlights key lessons and strategies that can benefit leaders in various fields. One of the fundamental lessons Shameika has…

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Toastmasters: Embrace Contest Season Together

by David Winkowski DTM Division E Director I remember the first Area Contest I attended. I had been a Toastmaster for maybe a couple of years. Our president was working on her DTM and was also serving as our Area Director. She needed helpers, and I volunteered to be the Sergeant-at-Arms. I did not know…

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Celebrating Six Months of Growth and Leadership

by Jerod Blackman, Division C Director As we enter the second half of the Toastmasters term, Division C Director Jerod Blackman reflects on the valuable lessons learned, the progress made, and the exciting plans ahead. Jerod shares his insights and aspirations for the remaining six months of his term. Lessons Learned and Personal Growth: When…

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Navigating the Toastmasters Journey as Division F Director

by Shuhdi Hashim Division F Director District Director Shuhdi Hashim stands at the helm of Division F, steering the ship with a wealth of experience gained since joining Toastmasters in July 2017 as a charter member of Smiling Stars Toastmasters. His journey has been marked by diverse club roles, including President, VPE, VPM, Secretary, Treasurer,…

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Featuring Denise McConnell, Division A Director

Featuring Denise McConnell DTM Division A Director Denise McConnell joined Toastmasters in May 2009. Since that time, she then has been a member of many clubs, and she has served in every club officer position. In addition to these roles, she has also served as Area Director, TLI Chair, and Conference Chair. Her home club…

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Featuring John Aparicio, Division D Director

by John Aparicio Division D Director I am blessed to have started my Toastmasters Journey on March 1st, 2021. I am honored to have served my home club, Electric Toasters, as the current president, immediate past president, and Sergeant at Arms the previous year. I stepped in the shining light of D25 volunteer work as…

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