by JILL MORRISON, DTM #clubreporter

I received a warm Texas welcome from Burleson Toastmasters with a quick response regarding their virtual and in-person capabilities and welcoming me in either capacity. Being intimidated by I-35 traffic that Monday evening, I had a wonderful visit from the comfort of my own home.

The meeting started with a warm welcome from Ninfa, with an invocation followed by the US pledge AND Texas pledges. Fortunately, the words to the Texas pledge were provided.

We were entertained and energized by two wonderful speakers, not enervated (WOD: meaning feeling drained of energy).  The first speaker, Tim, a relatively inexperienced Toastmaster, proved what a great storyteller he is as he outlined how toxic relationships can pull you away from friends and family. The second speaker, Ninfa, provided us with a tale of how her family decides on a vacation destination. All members of the family provide ideas for consideration, including the children. Unfortunately, as with many of us, the budget made the final decision on the destination (or in this case staycation) but at least, the decision was a family one.

Table topics revolved around Independence Day with questions about the national anthem and bird, Independence Day celebrations, and tea or coffee preference (i.e., Boston Tea Party reference). I heard how the turkey should be the national bird instead of the eagle, tales of fireworks, how one member prefers tea over coffee, and about a fireworks accident marring one Independence Day celebration.

We wrapped up the meeting with two enlightening evaluators and the General Evaluator who effectively evaluated the evaluators. One unique aspect of this meeting was they ended their meeting with several jokes, one referring to the economy getting so bad, now Hotel 6 doesn’t even leave the light on anymore.

While Hotel 6 may not leave the light on anymore, Burleson Toastmasters is a beacon of light in our district.

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