Michelle Debenport
Public Relations Manager

Toastmasters Club Specific Web Applications


FreeToastHost is a platform that has been around for a very long time and is quite popular for running a Toastmasters club. While it has a huge feature list, you can easily choose to use particular parts or not.

It is used by most clubs in District 25, and most US Toastmasters clubs.


easy-Speak is another Toastmasters club specific web application and is very popular in Europe. It too has many features. It seems to be more focused on managing a meeting that creating a good front page for visitors.

Very few clubs in District 25 use this software.

Other Website Creation & Hosting Tools


About a third of all the sites on the Internet are run on WordPress. The District’s own website runs on WordPress. It comes with a number of features that would help any club that wants to make a good looking website that is easy to manage.

There are two versions of WordPress. WordPress.com, which is a hosted version and runs on their servers. It has much of the functionality of full self-hosted WordPress, but is limited to only the options they give you. Self-Hosted WordPress is available at WordPress.org and a one-click install at most internet hosting providers. There are no limits to what you can do with WordPress, but it doesn’t have any Toastmasters specific functionality.