by Donna Young DTM Division A Director 2021-2022

We DREAMED about summer all winter. We DREAMED about meeting in person. We DREAMED of breathing free, laughing with joy, and mixing with friends. Then summer actually hit. Now it’s 109 F in North Texas and the price of gas has risen like the heat.

But we didn’t let a little ‘heat’ stop us because we are Toastmasters! WE HAD A PARTY, a D25 Toastmasters Leadership Party! It was ‘no sweat’ to organize via a Zoom party with no traffic jams on that internet highway.

And what is a party without Trivia GAMES? In this case, it was KaHoot! at and Jeopardy at

HOW WOULD YOU SCORE on these questions?

    1. How many players are on a beach volleyball team?
    2. Which D25 Leader was an Oklahoma college cheerleader?

OR how would you answer these fill-in-the-blank questions?

    1. What is the LOWEST temperature you have ever experienced?
    2. What do you routinely do or buy or eat now, that was unknown or beyond your reach when you were a kid?

What does this have to do with being ‘Rich on Life’ and your Toastmasters’ life?  Past District Director, Chris Raneri, summed it up. It is not just how far you’ve come; it’s the journey you took to get there and to do things that may make you uncomfortable.

Instead of striving to be rich with money, be rich with extraordinary experiences. Take that one extra step and try something outside your comfort zone. Spend a little more time, effort or money to go a little further. Do what it takes to be ‘Rich on Life’.

Now you get to play! Don’t wait for a party. Ask yourself, ‘What do I want to try that is normally beyond my reach?’

There is no wrong answer. There is only your answer. What will you do?  How will you choose to be ‘Rich on Life’?

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