By Kelley Rene Daniels


Saturday’s Area Council meeting was a first of many Toastmaster firsts for me this year. But it didn’t take long to realize this wasn’t just another hybrid meeting. “Fly Like An Eagle” by The Steve Miller Band blasted through the speakers while in-person attendees buzzed about the conference room. It was the right tune to inspire me on an early Saturday morning, sitting at home alone.

The Area 64 Council Meeting consisted of Club Presidents, VPs of Education, VPs of Membership, and members at-large from all over the District 25 map. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet our Area Director (AD) and collaborate with him. The brain writing exercise produced fresh energy and a way ahead for our small club. Our AD listened to our needs and committed to join forces with us to address our club’s struggles and support us in finding solutions. That alone was worth my Zoom efforts so early in the morning. The dialogue continued all the way to the last second. When I clicked out of the Break Room, I felt heard. I felt invigorated. I felt ready to take a strong message back to my club. We had a plan. I couldn’t wait to share it with our members. The rest of the Summit was filled with camaraderie, great education, and excellent keynote speakers, but it was the personal connection with our Area Director that ignited in me a new sense of purpose and direction for our club goals.

Hybrid meetings are all the rage these days. Don’t allow distance and the four corners of your screen to limit you. Attend the next Area Council to engage with your Area Director and be empowered to soar!

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