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Cultural Exchange: An Amazing Experience For District 25 Toastmasters!

by Hilda Guffey VPE San Angelo Toastmasters “Good evening, Toastmasters!” Or… should we say, “Good Morning Toastmasters?!!” On Friday, February 2nd (which was Saturday, February 3rd in Malaysia) San Angelo Toastmasters held a joint meeting with HELP University Toastmasters Club for a Cultural Exchange Joint Toastmasters Meeting. Both clubs enjoyed an evening of sharing unique cultural…

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Maximizing Benefits through Open Houses

by Phylliss Christian-Daniels, DTM, Club Growth Director Congratulations District 25 Toastmasters for a strategic move in leveraging the power of Fall Open Houses to fortify your clubs! By actively incorporating these events into your recruitment strategy, the district is not only attracting new members but also maintaining the engagement of existing ones and promoting a…

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Shining Bright: D25 in Spotlight on LinkedIn Ad Campaign

by District Director Emily Murray DTM The Toastmasters International LinkedIn Advertising Campaign has started – I hope you are ready! If you’d rather watch a video than read the article, you can do that here. District 25 has been selected to be one of the featured districts for this 90-day Toastmasters International LinkedIn Advertising campaign.…

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Outstanding Member – December 2023

by Emily Murray DTM District Director I can’t even begin to keep up with our December 2023 Outstanding Member of the Month. She does so much. There are Facebook and Instagram posts made, videos created, MailChimp mailings managed, etc, etc. She creates campaigns, conducts interviews, leads an extremely effective team, is (and has been) a…

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by Emily Murray DTM District Director  Hello, Sunshines! You’ve heard me say it before and I will definitely say it again – Hello, Sunshines! Since the point of this incentive is to be sure that we are saying Hello to any inquiries our clubs receive through the Toastmasters International Find-A-Club contact form, the name Hello…

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District 25 Web Team: Collaboration, Service, and Holiday Cheer

A Collaboration by Michael Levy, Diana Patton, Chuck Mencke, and Lawrence Reid The District 25 web team consists of Michael Levy, Webmaster, as well as Diana Patton, Chuck Mencke, and Lawrence Reid. Their duties range from technical to clerical, from operations and security and major system updates to creating content, proofreading, and uploading information. Michael…

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Reaching New Heights! Showcasing the D25 Public Relations Manager Role

by Sallie Spradlin-Jett, D25 Public Relations Manager, 2023-2024 What would happen if you climbed into the basket of a hot air balloon and before you knew it, the ropes anchoring the basket became unraveled and the gusty winds carried you high above the treetops, across the fields, and over the mountains? Would you panic? Would you…

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On Your Corner, In Your corner, Raising A Glass To Irving Toastmasters

Mara White, VPPR of Irving Toastmasters, has some great advice about how to get your club featured on a TV news spot. Mara saw a Facebook post from a local TV news station that was looking for interesting “Citizens of Irving” stories. She made contact, exchanged emails, and their club was booked for the news…

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