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Saturday School

By Kim Story DTM Speakers Bureau Member Calvin Dorsey took us to school… again. Saturday school! Calvin serves as the D25 Speakers Bureau Chair and organized another great lineup of speakers with something for everybody! When the World Championship of Public Speaking Semi-Finalist, Fursey Gotuaco, shows on the agenda, you know it will be phenomenal.…

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Pathways: Have It YOUR Way!

by Jim Jameson District Pathways Coordinator When you first started in Toastmasters (or Pathways) you probably began by looking at your projects in sequence. For each one, you studied the project and then asked yourself: “What speech can I write for this project?” Perhaps ideas did not always come easily.  But then one day you woke…

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What is a Lectern Anyway???

by Susan Ruth Editor’s note: For 2 years our meetings have been held virtually. For newer members and for those of us who may have forgotten, an unfamiliar piece of furniture is emerging in our meetings. Thank you Susan for reminding us what that weird contraption is and why each club has one. Have you…

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