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Embrace The Sunshine Incentives District 25 Pathway to Club Growth in 2023-2024

by Phylliss Christian-Daniels, DTM, Club Growth Director As we step into the new year, let’s enjoy the glow of opportunity with our 2023-2024 incentive rewards – Sunshine to Sunshine, Five-For-Five, Nemilita Networking, and the latest addition, Pick A Path In Pathways. These incentives are not just goals; they are the golden nuggets that enhance our…

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Clubs Forge Strong Bonds Through ‘Sunshine to Sunshine’ Event

by Brandi Wesley and Samantha Watt Fostering camaraderie and collaboration among clubs is always a bright idea. Recently, Nissan Toastmasters and Golden Triangle Toastmasters seized the chance to strengthen their connection through a unique event as part of the ‘Sunshine to Sunshine’ incentive. Here’s a glimpse into their exciting joint venture: A Remarkable Joint Meeting:…

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