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Why Attend Another TLI?

by Jesse Ford DL4/SR3 Division G Director If I got trained over the summer, why do I have to do it again? Because I said so. Didn’t you hate that answer as a kid? In truth, TLI training is a requirement by Toastmasters International. That seems a little redundant and not very inspiring, but I…

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TLI Newsletter Script

By Sundra Smith, TLI Chair H-O-T Off The Press!!!  All Club Officers and Members are cordially invited to attend the new and innovative Winter TLI facilitated by District 25 members. This TLI will be hosted in-Person and virtually. Click here for dates and full details of each session. Read a brief synopsis of the supplemental…

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District EventsTLITraining

by Jesse Ford, DL3 On Saturday, January 30, as a sitting President for my Corporate club, I was invited to attend a special “president’s only” training session where our Region Advisor Violetta Rios delivered a keynote. First off … How awesome is it to have our Region Advisor come to speak? If you ever have…

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