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Summit time is getting closer!!

by Dave Papenmeier Summit Manager When we announced this year’s Summit vision a couple of months ago, we were just opening our call for speakers. The Speakers are selected and the big reveal is coming SOON! I promised the Summit would provide thought-provoking and encouraging sessions. Sessions that would energize members to get out of…

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Outstanding Member – July 2022

by Marcheta Gardner DTM District Director D25, we are celebrating not one, not two, and even not three … BUT “19” Outstanding members for the month of July! We are highlighting our “Nemileta Networking Nine” Award winners, as they exemplify what Empowering Your Legacy is all about! For those who may not be aware, the…

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Empowering Legacy

by Jesse Ford DL5/SR3 Club Growth Director As your D25 Club Growth Director, it is my pleasure to EMPOWER you with the new 2022-2023 legacy INCENTIVES! Does that mean the NEMELITA award has gone away? No, it’s here for another year! But there’s more … “Celebrating Legacy” This incentive, honoring 2019-2020 Past District Director Jamie…

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Be the Engineer

by Cassie Bullock, DL5, MS3 Summit Educational Chair Who inspires you?  Sometimes it is someone on a stage, sometimes a co-worker, and sometimes your fellow Toastmasters! I have seen many Toastmasters climb from the base of a mountain and rise to the summit because their fellow Toastmasters encourage them to get out of their comfort…

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2022 Awards BanquetDistrict Events


by Joyce Trimble DTM Co-Chair 2021-22 Awards Banquet The year of Inspired by You has concluded. It is now Celebration Time! So Come On! and celebrate all the inspiring experiences with your party of friends and fellow Toastmasters. Preparations are on the landing target for the AUGUST 27 Annual Awards Banquet. The anticipated event provides…

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