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Unlock Your Potential: From Speaker to Trainer Workshop

by Phylliss Christian-Daniels DTM Club Growth Director Are you ready to elevate your speaking skills to new heights and promote growth and engagement? Join us Saturday morning, June 29th for an exciting and transformative 3-hour workshop designed to guide you from being a traditional speaker or lecturer to becoming an effective, dynamic trainer. As a…

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Reflections on a Year as Division Director: Growth, Camaraderie, and Unforgettable Experiences in D25

by Shuhdi Hashim Division F Director It has been a wonderful opportunity to serve as a Division Director this Toastmaster year. It made me realize, even more, how beautiful of a district we have here in D25. I cannot express my awe, admiration, and wonder about the camaraderie that is in the air across the district. When…

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