by Ninfa Flewitt DTM District Director

1, 2, 3… ok again, 1, 2, 3… Ok this time, everyone jump!

This month’s outstanding member makes himself available to document all of our events, in person and online. He does it with a smile on his face and interesting facts to share! Mark Novak serves as our District Photographer. He and his handy dandy camera are in good working order to be sure that we have proof of all the fun happenings in District 25!  We look forward to the fun photos that you will take at the upcoming conference! For all you do for the District, in documenting events this year and for many years, we are honored to name you this month’s outstanding member!


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Ankur bora

Mark , The photographs by you are invaluable. I always take a printout when I see mine ! for my photo album and also mail to my Mom with my handwritten notes. You are enriching our life , thank you !