By Phylliss Christian, Daniels, Area 11 Director

Leadership has always been significant for me.  For as long as I can remember stepping into a leadership role has never been a threat.  I’ve always found the task helpful in my personal growth. Being a Toastmaster for three and a half years has raised my excitement of learning to lead appropriately and effectively. Currently, serving as the president of two clubs and as Area Director, I’ve grown tremendously. Yesterday at our Fall Summit, I coached all four of my club officers on the importance of reflecting on what Toastmasters means to them.

I posed the question, “What’s In It For Me?”  I shared that we should recite and embed the mission statement in our hearts. I emphasized the importance of the core values. I extensively ensured that each member present understood how the Distinguished Club Plan and the Club Success Plan worked. I also stressed that they should take every opportunity to chase their educational goals. My heart was overjoyed when the officers expressed their feedback. To hear the excitement in their voices allowed me to know they had been encouraged. My biggest takeaway was their comments regarding how, during the pandemic, they understood the struggle and that they make an effort to keep in touch with those who are affected. The officers want their members to know they’re being thought of often and the clubs look forward to their return.

Becoming Area Director has been the challenge I’ve needed on a leadership level. Meeting and bonding with new people has given me life. I anticipate more growth in the next six months. I’m thankful to District 25 for this opportunity. Toastmasters genuinely is the place Where Leaders Are Born.

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