In Memoriam

Larry Mills, DTM – RIP

By Phylliss Christian-Daniels If the question were asked what’s in it for me, Larry Mill’s answer would be DEDICATION. What a great example of exemplifying such a strong trait not only as a D25 Toastmaster but as a husband, father, grandfather, colleague, and friend. Larry’s love for being a Toastmaster and the incredible leader he was is…

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Making Bad Meetings Better

By Frank Correa, Area 55 Director, NE Toastmasters Treasurer This past Saturday, Kay Crews, CPP-T-PRP delivered an incredible workshop entitled Making Bad Meetings Better. She hit it out of the park. Over 45 attendees participated, not only from Texas, but California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Toastmasters isn’t limited to delivering speeches, table topics and evaluations,…

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A Gift To You – Sharing Practical Pathways Practices

By Greg Pick, DTM, PDD, Pathways Coordinator What practical techniques have you developed since the Pathways Learning Experience rolled out?  Just 18 months have passed since the Pathways Learning Experience became the Toastmasters curriculum for members to improve and develop communication and leadership skills!  The prior method of getting education content from manuals became obsolete. …

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2021 SummitSummit

What’s In It For Me?

By Phylliss Christian, Daniels, Area 11 Director Leadership has always been significant for me.  For as long as I can remember stepping into a leadership role has never been a threat.  I’ve always found the task helpful in my personal growth. Being a Toastmaster for three and a half years has raised my excitement of…

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2021 Summit

Empowered to Do Anything!

By Kelsey Dean, Area 43 Director District 25 Toastmasters Summit 2021 is in the books. True to its theme, I feel empowered to do anything! In true extrovert fashion, spending time with like-minded people always inspires me to new heights. This year’s education sessions, keynote speeches, leadership panel, and area council meeting enhanced that feeling.…

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Little Ole Me

By Brandi Wesley, Area 21 Director I am truly grateful for all of the leadership opportunities I’ve had this year and am looking forward to all that is to come. Earlier this year, I made a decision to be a part of an organization, knowing there were benefits to my personal and professional growth. But…

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