Suresh Basyal
Sponsorship Chair



Single Ticket – $5

Five-Pack Tickets – $20 (Save $5)

Members & Guests can purchase tickets to win fabulous prizes.


Winner:  Lynne Heygster

Theme: “Homemade Quilt by Emily”
Basket donated by Trio

Value – $472


Emily Murray
Original handmade Quilt

Prepare to snuggle up under this handmade quilt. (dinosaur not included)

Winner:  Michelle Bayes

Theme: “An Evening With Three”
Basket donated by Trio

Value – $180


It’s a mystery..the ultimate “Who Done It?” Be intrigued, have a meal and use those investigative skills to guess who the culprit is! All with the Trio and your plus one…

Winner:  Jamie Pickering

Theme:  “The Changing of the Guard”
Basket donated by Division A

Value – $170


You can be royalty!  Experience the diverse flavors of England. This basket includes sweet treats, sumptuous crackers and maybe something to wash it down with! (Crown sold separately).


Winner:  Denise McConnell

Theme:  “Don’t Worry, Bee Happy!”
Basket donated by Division B

Value – $105


Whether you prefer coffee, tea, or something a little harder, Division B wants to make sure you Don’t Worry, Bee Happy! Enjoy a little sweet treat, some aromatics, and light gardening to soothe the busy bee in you!

Winner:  Corinne Milligan

Theme:  “The BEST Day is a RAINY Day!
Basket donated by Division C

Value – $120

Delectable treats, warms sips, activities and family fun for a rainy day!

Items: teas, coffee, gourmet coffee syrup, colored pencils, adult coloring books, cozy fleece throw, candles, pocket flashlights, pens, find-a-word books, card games, family board games and more!

Winner:  Jeff Klein

Theme:  “Dazzling from Hair to Toe”
Basket donated by Division D

Value –  $300

This basket has you covered…from head to toe! Enjoy pampering treats such as Macadamia Professional Haircare products, teeth whitening strips, nail polish with a pedicure gift card for that extra dazzle! You know you want this!

Winner:  Mark Novak

Theme:  “Getting Toasty”
Basket donated by Division E

Value – $200

Want to enjoy some rays? This basket will have you blasting your tunes, chilling your fave summer drink (drinks included) and enjoying the thrills at the Epic water park.

Winner:  John Aparicio


Theme:  “F is for FUN!”
Basket donated by Division F

Value – $75

F is for FUN! This basket has coveted items such as fudge, wine, fruit chews and other treats that are sure to wow you.