by Phylliss Christian-Daniels Division A Director

I will be the first to admit that I had no idea what Toastmasters had to offer me. I was reluctant to join. However, when I did, I was star-struck at knowing the amount of growth that I could obtain. It was just what I needed during a pandemic. Over the last three years, I have moved fast in my Toastmaster’s journey by making myself available based on what I thought I could achieve. My year of Triumph was in 2021-2022 when I served as Club Coach, Area Director 11, and President of Afterburners Toastmasters along with staying on top of my educational goals.

It was at the 2021 Summit while sitting in the division educational session, when my mentor Setma Maddox leaned over and whisper to me, “I can see you as part of the Trio six years from now”. I silently teared up just knowing that she had that much confidence in me. She went on to say, “but you must be an Area Director first.” I humbly told Setma that I had already been asked to serve. She was surprised indeed. I made up my mind then that I could do both. It was a mindset of Faith and Courage that stretched me beyond what may have seemed impossible.

I set goals, educated myself, had lots of late nights, and attached myself to people whom I knew would support and push me. My husband and my daughter were my biggest cheerleaders. So many things came to fruition in that season of my life. What I thought was being confident has evolved to another level. I have grown in every area that is associated with self-growth.

I am a firm believer that our gifts and talents are not given to lie dormant, but for us to utilize to help and encourage others. If I could do it all over again, I would. Every hour sacrificed was worth pouring into the life of someone else. What a wonderful year ahead to Empower My Legacy.


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