By Phylliss Christian-Daniels

If the question were asked what’s in it for me, Larry Mill’s answer would be DEDICATION.

What a great example of exemplifying such a strong trait not only as a D25 Toastmaster but as a husband, father, grandfather, colleague, and friend. Larry’s love for being a Toastmaster and the incredible leader he was is indescribable.

He waited with anticipation for members to join the meetings. Whether it was one member or eight members his face lit up like a light bulb because for him it was another opportunity to help build leadership.

Larry was no doubt an old-school kind of guy and was the best secretary anyone could ask for. He literary crossed every (t) and dotted every (i) not to mention how he picked the most challenging words of the day. His humorous speeches kept us rolling on the floor.

Larry will be missed but not forgotten for the Legacy of Kindness he leaves behind. The members of Top Notch Toastmasters are profoundly grateful for the time we had to spend with you. You’ll always hold a special place in all our hearts.


Larry passed away October 11, 2022.

He was a member of Top Notch Toastmasters – TNT and former member Panther City Toastmasters.

He was Area 43 Director, 2017-2018.


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