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Communicating Through Dance

by Kennya Sanchez Power Communicators Did you know dancing has its own communication style? Many of us joined Toastmasters to improve our communication and leadership skills. As a Latin dance instructor, I help individuals improve their communication and leadership skills in a different format. Through my journey in Toastmasters, I’ve learned to be clear, deliberate,…

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District EventsSpeakers Bureau

D25 Speakers Bureau Showcase

by Liz Brenner DTM Recently, the District 25 Speakers Bureau held an open house to showcase their talent. And boy, did they ever do that! The D25 Speakers Bureau is made up of members from D25 Toastmasters clubs, representing the most outstanding public speakers in the organization. This event demonstrated the wide skill set of…

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Embracing Change with Pathways

by Steven Timmons DTM Do you find yourself embracing change or avoiding it at all costs, including Pathways?  In our crazy world, change occurs daily. Spencer Johnson wrote a simple book entitled, “Who Moved My Cheese?” that described how people deal with change. The four characters Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and Haw show how different people…

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