by Marcheta Gardner DTM District Director

Ever get excited about finding a treasure! How about finding creative talent that no one seems to know about, but when you find it …. OOOHHHHHH WOOOOWWWW!!!

Our Toastmaster for the month of September is no exception. She quietly prepares magnanimous PowerPoint slides for the Summits, Conferences, and Awards Banquets. She does not get riled up when we make 15 million changes and when everyone else is wondering what the finished product will look like, she simply demonstrates why she’s one of the best-kept secrets of D25!

Please join us in congratulating Vanessa Rivera, our Toastmaster for the month of September! She not only does incredible slides but takes the time to mentor individuals in her clubs, competes in contests on behalf of her clubs, provides motivating evaluations to other members, and is a great person to work with.

Thank you, Vanessa, for quietly modeling the Toastmasters’ way!

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