by Emily Murray DTM Club Growth Director

AAFCU Flying Toasters hosted a great Open House on June 22nd. This was their first meeting in person after 2 years of the pandemic. To prepare for it, they sent fliers throughout the company and emails inviting past members to attend the Open House.

The meeting theme was “Toasting Toast.” You can see in the pictures how interested everyone was in the guest speaker’s presentation and Table Topics.

AAFCU Flying Toasters had 4 members in attendance and 8 guests attend the open house including the club’s guest speaker. The four club members in attendance were Scott Payne, Rehan Hafeez, Sarah Hrabal, and, Celeste Castro.

The club’s guest speaker, Chuck Mencke, delivered an energizing speech with a thought-provoking “call to action” at the end! During an informative Table Topics session, members were invited to answer questions about their personal Toastmasters experience and field questions from the guests. Chuck Mencke also talked about his experience with Toastmasters and how he has grown as a member.

AAFCU Flying Toasters had a wonderful meeting and Open House even though there were a small number of members. Even better, out of the 7 club guests, 5 of them are wanting to join! The club is already looking forward to hosting another Open House soon during the 2022-2023 Toastmasters year.

Congratulations and well-done AAFCU Flying Toasters!

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