by Cassie Bullock, DL5, MS3 Summit Educational Chair

As climbers get close to the summit, the atmosphere thins, the focus is sharp, and the excitement is palpable.  That is where we are for the D25 Summit!  We are only 8 weeks away from THE event for Toastmasters to share and learn from fellow Toastmasters. [RAFFLE] We have an outstanding slate of educational sessions and keynote speakers. [TICKETS]

Here is just a small taste of the speakers and the value they will be sharing on November 12th. You will want to read more in the Summit Brochure and watch for D25 Bulletin Board posts on Facebook to get to know our speakers personally.  [ARE]

Q:  Who will help you make sense of the technology and supplies needed to bring excitement instead of dread to your hybrid meetings?

A:  Jason Jett, [AVAILABLE]

Q:  Who knows how profound, yet simple practices translate into better communication, lower conflict, and better team relationships?

A:  Bindu Chintha, [NOW]

Q:  How can I discover what motivates me?

A:  Find Chris Raneri and Jamie Pickering, for their “Self-Leadership” session.

Q:  What is the meaning of life? (Yes, Toastmasters can help you answer life’s big questions, too.) [REGISTER]

A:  Go exploring with Jim Jameson [TODAY]

Q: How do I silence Negative Nancy who only offers criticism?

A: Amy Shirley shows us how with confidence and grace.

Q: How do I make my presentations more memorable?

A: Sarfaraz Nazir has the answer!

Q: What are the benefits of an accountability partner?

A: Jon Lukacher & Patty Wyatt share how they came to be accountability partners in their recent journey in the International Speech Contest and how the process can work for you.

If you missed the [subliminal messages in brackets], here is the link for the D25 Summit on November 12th. Summit Registration

Raffle tickets for the themed division baskets are also on the registration page. They are $5 each, or $20 for 5. The value-packed inside these baskets is MUCH more than the price of a few raffle tickets. Pssst…the Trio picked up some special items at the National convention in Nashville!

Take the next step.  REGISTER, and bring a friend, to get from where you are, to where you want to be!

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