by Jesse Ford DL5, SR4 Club Growth Director

Congratulations to Tip Top Toastmasters as the Open House winner for the month of August. Tip Top held this magnificent meeting on August 28 virtually and invited Past District Governor Eddie Merla to be a guest speaker. Eddie talked about his reservations to join Toastmasters almost 20 years ago. Boy, I can only imagine the wisdom shared in that presentation. With almost 19 people in attendance, the club had a record of 12 guests with 7 being current Toastmasters and 5 being true guests. The magic of the open house was organized by the club’s VP PR Connie Blake and was surely a delight for all. In the meeting were other notable Toastmasters namely, Club President: Lola Stone, Area Director Rhonda McCarthy, and even Division Director Phyllis Christian Daniels. Fellow Area Director Richard Zimmer was also in attendance. In the end, this club put on such a marvelous meeting we cannot wait to see what they do next.

Congratulations again to Tip Top Toastmasters.

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