Robi Ley is an author, professional speaker, and a certified trainer. She is the founder of WordCrafter Consultants, a company dedicated to helping individuals and businesses communicate more effectively. Her business background covers a variety of industries including broadcasting, retail, hospitality, real estate, and entertainment. She has been a wage slave and a manager, a team leader, wife, and Mom.

Robi practices and hones her communication skills on a regular basis as a professional seminar leader. Her easy-going, storyteller style of presentation resonates with audiences of all levels, and her keynotes are positive, inspiring, authoritative, laced with a dash of Southern charm.

She has three published novels, more in the works, and two books concerning business growth and communication are due out in early 2016.

Speech Offerings

Positive Forward Action

  • Why saying “stop” or “don’t” doesn’t work
  • How to persuade others to change behavior
  • Setting a positive expectation for positive results

Difficult? Or Different?

  • Understanding why communication fails
  • Exploring different communication/behavior styles
  • Learning what will motivate/demotivate your team members

The Art of Story

  • Words paint pictures
  • A “formula” that isn’t a formula
  • Connect with your audience

Additional Services

  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Keynote Presentation
  • Meeting Facilitator
  • Breakout Session Leader
  • Speak on the Benefits of Toastmasters

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