Michelle is a motivational speaker, teacher, energetic encourager and visionary living out her calling to help others bring their dreams to life.

Her education includes a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Minor in Child Development from the University of North Texas.

Michelle is a native Texan and a former Elementary School teacher as well as a former Children’s Pastor.

She is active in her church, First Baptist Arlington, leading prayer for her international Sunday School class. She is passionate about seeing others grow in their understanding and implementation of God’s purpose for their life.

Together with her husband over the past 20+ years, she has started seven businesses, including SDI Productions, established in 2010, a premiere stock photography company with
more than 1 million photo and video licenses sold worldwide.

She began speaking in 2019 after years of feeling stuck and discouraged in pursuit of her purpose. Once she found the keys to unlock her purpose and full potential, she began sharing them with others.

Many people have big dreams but feel stuck or don’t know where to begin. They feel frustrated, discouraged, or even lose hope.

Michelle shows them how they can overcome the primary obstacles standing in their way: fear, overwhelm, discouragement, and lack of clarity.

She gets those results by; reframing the concept of failure, simplifying goals to just one step at a time, modeling the power of idea generation, and helping others discover their passion and purpose.

With this, the audience will leave believing that their dreams are valuable, possible, and even achievable! Their dreams matter and the world needs them!

She likes to say that she “helps bring dreams to life.”


  • Crash, Burn, Win
    • Overcoming fear of failure
    • Reframing the concept of “crashing and burning”
  • Just One Step
    • Overcoming Overwhelm
    • Focusing on one step at a time to reach your goal
  • It Can Be Done!
    • Overcoming discouragement
    • The power of possibilities … it all begins with an idea
  • You Were Made For This
    • Overcoming lack of clarity in finding your purpose
    • Using your passions, skills and experience to discover your purpose

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