Elly Malaxos, DTM is an IT professional, a world traveler, an investor, and a Toastmaster who delights in empowering others to become better communicators, especially women in IT.

She holds a Computer Science degree from Northwestern University. Professionally, she has held various IT and Management Consulting roles. As a woman in IT herself, she innately understands the importance of effective communication. Throughout her career she has been called upon to bridge the communication gap between technical and non-technical business teams with clear, value-based explanations, storytelling, colorful examples, and a healthy sprinkling of humor.

Elly presents her topics with a personable, natural, easy speaking style. She engages the audience with stories, humor and positive messages of empowerment, lifelong learning, and embracing change, even when new technology seems threatening in the workplace.

She’s held leadership roles at the Toastmasters club and district levels, and she has won several speaking competitions (most recently the District 25 International Speech competition in 2021).

Aside from Toastmasters and IT, Elly is a world traveler and an investing enthusiast. She actively researches and invests in real-estate, crypto currency (block chain applications), forex trading and is building a network for women investors. She has visited 23 countries and eager to collect more stories and adventures from new locations.

Speech Offerings

Signature Business Topics

  • Presenting to the Executive Attention Span
  • Communicate with ‘Value’: It’s what your audience wants to hear, not what you want to say
  • Polishing That Presentation, for IT professionals
  • The Robots are Coming!: Embracing Change in an Increasingly Automated Business World

Women’s Empowerment Topics

  • Women in IT: Communicating with Confidence
  • Women and Investing
  • Intro to Blockchain and Crypto Currency

Additional Services

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Meeting Facilitator
  • Breakout Session Leader
  • Benefits of TOASTMASTERS

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