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This web page is under construction – began design December 13, 2019
to assist District Leadership team in future event planning.

This is not an active page but for archiving to help in planning

If you can’t find information you’re looking for and which you think might be helpful to others as well,
please let us know by emailing to the Webmaster.



Conference 2019

Link to main web page kept for historic purposes
(this links to all web pages related to 2019 conference)

Date of event – May 3-4, 2019

Chair: Ninfa Flewitt









Theme: Dare to Dream
Themes from past events – back to 2006

Event Themes:
Friday Night – Dare to Discover
Friday Fun – Dare to DISCOver
Saturday Breakfast – Dare to Laugh
Saturday Lunch – Dare to Lead
Saturday Dinner/TM Ceremony – Dare to Dream
Type of speech contests:
Friday Night – Table Topics
Saturday PM – International

Committee – name/role – generic form
2019 Annual Conference Committee Members

Registration & Fees
Fees & Type registrations (including early/full/late fees)
(Historic Registration numbers 2007-2019-rough)
Recap of 2019 Registration
See 2019 Registration Page
The original registration page showed early-bird rate
for full registration of $148 thru 4/20/19
Full registration: $148, $155, $160
One-day education pass: $35, $40
Two-day conference pass: $50, $60
Club Pass (no meals – 10 members from one club) – $130

Contract with hotel/facility – provided by leadership team upon request
It’s always a good idea to compare contract with hotel from year to year in order to make necessary adjustments to fees or other sources of revenues in order to cover expenses BE SURE HOTEL DOES NOT INCLUDE SALES TAXES SINCE DISTRICT IS 501(c)(3)

Double check contract to see if required number of room nights required
Hotel diagram

Speaker Agreement
Format to provide for conference promotion, program and website (good example)

2019 Keynote Speakers:
(Historic speakers 2007-2019)
Friday Night: Alise Cortez,
“Your Unique Reason for Being:Why Purpose is So Enticing”
Saturday Breakfast: Suzie Humphreys,
“If All Else Fails, Laugh”
Saturday Lunch: Jennifer McDaniel,
“Celebrating Our Differences”
Saturday Evening: Jeff Crilley,
“From Fear to Fabulous (in 3 easy steps)”

2019 Education Session Presenters:
Scot Sherwin,
“Yes, We Can All Get Along….If We Choose To”
Judy Gaman,
“School of Hard Rocks”
Larry North,
“You Hold the Power”
Jennifer McDaniel,
“The Appreciative Voice: Using Your Voice to Increase Connection”
Coach Rick Kolster,
“Lead From the Front”
Alise Cortez,
“Stand in the Power of Identity: Knowing, Sharing, And Editing Your Life”
Marylee Mims,
“Improv(e) Your Life”
Allan Pickering,
“Pathways 101”

Minute by Minute (MxM) – pdf   xlsx
MxM Role & Checklist – pdf  docx

Lectern Book for each event:
Friday evening lectern book – pdf  docx
Saturday morning lectern book – pdf   docx
Saturday awards lunch lectern book – pdf  docx
International Speech Contest lectern book – pdf   docx
Saturday evening & DTM ceremony – pdf   docx

Main Program
Event Programs:
Friday Evening
Saturday Awards Lunch
International Speech Contest
Saturday Evening/DTM

Power Point for each event:
(some of animation in original power point files will not be in files below)
Friday Night pdf   pptx
Saturday Morning  pdf pptx
Saturday Lunch  pdf  pptx
Saturday evening   pdf  pptx

Tri-fold with conference details
Dream Board (brought to contests to promote conference – printed 24″x36″ for 2019 sign)
Do best to ensure dates/deadlines for fees are in agreement on web, board, tri-fold)
Hot Topics, Special edition/phonevite, contests, etc.:
Category for 2019 Conference Articles (posts)
PDF versions of the following that were
sent to membership through MailChimp
HOT Topics 2/19/19
HOT Topics 3/5/19
HOT Topics 3/19/19
HOT Topics 4/2/19
HOT Topics 4/16/19
Action NOW 4/23/19*
*Good practice is to send special
edition with full details of event and
then an Action NOW right before fees increase
Sent to those registered for event:
Action Now  5/1/19 – what to expect
Action NOW 5/6/19 – thanks for attending/survey
After conference: HOT Topics 5/7/19

DTM information – process, questions, documents
Questions are handled through district25forms@gmail.com (authorized persons: ask leadership team for password)
DTM Chair Checklist – pdf   docx
Questions for DTM’s – Google Forms is used – pdf

First Timers
I’ve requested First Timer Chair provide information
Historically there has been reception for First Timers Friday evening before dinner
Fun Activity for First Timers
Winner of activity announced/gifts
First Timers recognized Friday evening
and Saturday Lunch (all First Timers on stage for picture)

Friday Fun
Historically there has been fun activities after contest on Friday Event
Examples from 3 conferences:
2017 Fall

Sample Tickets
Mail Merge process – create for each event and print in different colors
Designed to have unique number for drawings – stub given to member

Sample Badges
Mail Merge process
(committee, first timers, guests, membrs, district leadership, presenters, blank for members, first timers, guests)

Budget for expected Revenue/expenses
Sent email to Larry Core requesting budget (actuals upon request – will not be published)

Video shown during Friday dinnerphoto story of events of year
(The video above is similar to what was shown at conference
but has events of 2018-2019 TM year after conference and was shown at Awards Banquet)

Video shown during Saturday dinnerphoto story of event
(this Youtube version was updated with dinner and DTM pics added after conference)
Videos from past years (back to Fall 2009)

Banner Parade
Handled with mail merge
Sample Cards
Historically a different graphic for each Division is selected, formatted to be appropriate size for printing.  We used Sam’s photo shop and had high resolution pictures printed in 20″x30″ and then clipped on same size foam board.  In Spring 2019 we reused Spring 2017 pictures.

Dignitary Parade
Handled with mail merge
Guidance Document 
Sample Cards

Name Tents
Handled with mail merge
Sample name tents

Surveys for 2019 Conference were handled
through Chair’s Google Account (using Forms)
Questions are handled through district25forms@gmail.com (authorized persons: ask leadership team for password)
Surveys went out following event within 1-2 days
Put on District website home page as well
as in ‘thanks for attending’ email that went
to attendees through MailChimp
Before 2019 Conference District used SurveyMonkey
After 2019 Conference used District 25 Google Account (using Forms)
Education Session Survey Questions – example of questions
Links were given at end of each education session
as well as on D25 website under each presenter’s information
Conference Survey Questions
Conference – Responses
Conference Committee Survey Questions Questions

2019 Sponsorship Chair was very successful

Letter for member to provide supervisor
(linked to above letter on sponsorship web page)
Following documents from Sponsorship Chair:
Sponsorship Chair Notes
2019 Conference Sponsors
Club Sponsorship Inquiry Letter
How to be a successful Sponsorship Chair
Silent Auction Form
Sponsorship payments and thank yous
Sponsorship Letters
IRS Group Exemption Letter
IRS Exemption Letter
Perot Museum Ticket Donation Program
Scarborough Renaissance Request Process

Hospitality Chair
Have not requested write up yet – request from Pittman

Facility Chair
Jamie working on modifying existing document

Decorations Chair
Request from Wendy

Volunteer Chair-click to see web page
Get write up

Conference Photo Albums on Facebook
2019 Conference – Friday Night (including TableTopics Contest)
2019 Conference – Fri Fun
2019 Conference – Sat AM
2019 Conference – Sat Awards Lunch
2019 International Speech Contest
2019 Conference Saturday Evening




Awards Banquet 2019

Purpose of Awards Banquet: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Awards Banquet 2019 – Web Page

Awards Banquet 2018 – Web Page

Criteria that goes in to selecting date and venue

Timeline for Planning/Promoting:  Committee Meetings, Promoting (D25 Website, Hot Topics, ……..)

Ordering of ribbons and awards

Distribution of ribbons and awards – process

Sample posts created related to Awards Banquets
Category – Awards Banquets  (all years)
Category – Awards Banquet 2011
Category – Awards Banquet 2012
Category – Awards Banquet 2013
Category – Awards Banquet 2014
Category – Awards Banquet 2015
Category – Awards Banquet 2016
Category – Awards Banquet 2017
Category – Awards Banquet 2018
Category – Awards Banquet 2019

Past Awards Banquets Statistics: TM Year, District Director, Chair, Theme, Location, Fees, Registrations

Past Awards Banquets – Pictures of Center Pieces

Past Awards Banquets – Meal Menus

Past Awards Banquets – Program Covers

Budgeting – F&B/Venue, Bar/Bartender Fees, AV, Printed Materials (save-the-date cards, poster, program)
(Cost of items such as ribbons, pins, awards are NOT to be included in Awards Banquet budget but District education budget)

Committee – roles & responsibilities

Hall of Fame Landing Page  – majority of awards recognized at Awards Banquets are added to D25 Hall of Fame, description of awards

Description of  D25 Special Recognition Awards (Toastmaster of the Year, Area/Division Director of the Year, etc.)  

Summary of Awards 2018-2019       Description of Awards 2018-2019
Summary of Awards 2017-2018
Summary of Awards 2016-2017
Summary of Awards 2015-2016
Summary of Awards 2014-2015
Summary of Awards 2013-2014
Summary of Awards 2012-2013
Summary of Awards 2011-2012

Links to each D25 Hall of Fame Page, TI Links for reports/information for specific awards (3 club membership, Triple Crown, etc.)

Welcome email – sent week of the event to those registered with event details

Thanks for attend/survey – sent day after event to those attending thanking them for attending and survey

Power Point

Minute by Minute (MxM)

Lectern Book