Visit 9 different clubs (at least 7 of which must be in District 25)
that you are not already a member of and serve in an agenda-ed role at each meeting.

Submit agendas or screen shots from each meeting reflecting which role you held
as well as brief description of your experiences and earn an
“Inspired by You” district focus pin.
(one award per member per year)

Click here to complete form with agendas and description!


Members who have met requirements for Nemileta Networking Nine

Chuck Mencke
Ernestina Pinones

Club Officer Resources

Corporate Program Support

Club Meeting Resources






2 District 25 clubs must work together for this one!
Have 2 or more members of each club join four consecutive meetings of the other club
(2×4 =8 meetings minimum total) and help out and both clubs will earn
Intentionally Inspirational ribbons.

You will need to submit a brief write up of how the clubs helped each other,
and at least 1 photo, along with contact info for officers of both clubs
and some basic information about each meeting.

Each club must submit the information for their contributions,
incentive awarded only once both submissions received.

Click here to complete form with details of meetings and photo(s)!

Recognition Program - District/Division/Area

In this section of our website, you’ll find information that may be useful in your office.

Area Director Club Visit Resources

In this section of our website, you’ll find information that may be useful in your office.

Area Director Manuals and Programs

In this section of our website, you’ll find information that may be useful in your office.

Division Director and Senior Leadership Resources

In this section of our website, you’ll find information that may be useful in your office.

Support Structure - District 25

In this section of our website, you’ll find information that may be useful in your office.

Open House

Why have an Open House? To celebrate good times, invite and engage guests!
Open houses are meetings designed to be fun and are great ways                             to introduce new people to your club.

Click here to complete form with photo(s) and agenda!
Your photo(s) will appear on our D25 website!

Check out our Club Celebrations page – click here

There is a monthly drawing for $25 TI bucks for clubs who submit photos.
Submit information by the 3rd of the month following your open house
to take part in the drawing.
Drawing will take place on the 10th of each month.

Ribbons for club showing proof of open house will be mailed to
Club President.  Only one ribbon per TM year.

For more information about open house meetings, click here.
For helpful resources for open houses, click 

Consider sending photos to Toastmasters International too!
Click here for guidelines for sending photos to Toastmasters International

Double the fun and your winnings!  Make your open house a
Golden Gavel meeting too!

If your club is the winner, AND it is a Golden Gavel meeting,  Click here for rules for Golden Gavel meetings.

Monthly Drawing Winners

July – Nissan
August – None
September – Afterburners*
October – Texas Talkers*
November –
December –
January –
February –
March –
April –
May –
June –

*Double winner – Open House/Golden Gavel Meeting

Helpful Documents and Flyers For Download

To be added soon.

New Member Resources

In this section of our web site you’ll find information that may be useful to a new member.
If you can’t find information you’re looking for and which you think might be helpful to others as well, please let us know by emailing to the Webmaster.

New Member Orientation (power point from TI) – added 8/3/21
Orienting New Members – added 8/3/21
New Member Induction Ceremony – added 8/3/21

Consider putting some of these documents in a new member ‘transition packet’ to assist the new member for a smooth transition before receiving materials from Toastmasters International

New Member Tools – Toastmasters International

New Member Experience Survey – added 7/9/21

Letter sent to new members by Toastmasters International – updated 10/3/19

Facts for First Timers from Toastmasters International

How to Join – Information from Toastmasters International

New Member Experience – from Toastmasters International

Club Experience – video from Toastmasters International – updated 4/2018

Pathways Education Program – District 25 Resource Page

2021-2022 District Focus – Inspired by You

Toastmasters International Logo

Speech Contest Resources

Please print out forms and send improvement ideas to

District 25 Area/Division Speech Contest Schedule

Speech Contest Training Zoom Replay – 2/9/21
Passcode:  C5@db^%8

Scripts, agendas, contest chair briefing below in specific subject area below on this web page
Added 3/25/20 – Documents from 3/24/20 Zoom Meeting:
Power Point (in pdf format) – click here
Cheat Sheet for those involved in virtual contests – click here Revised 01/14/21

Contest Rule Book

Official Speech Contest Rulebook from Toastmasters International – 2021-2022
Explanation of changes – added 7/9/21

District Level International Speech Contest Video Release Form – *added 3/28/19

Toastmasters International Contest Information – Click here

Contest Chair’s Resources

Dignitary List – 2019-2020 *updated 2/14/20
-updated periodically during contest season

Contest Chair Checklist *updated 1/7/2021
Contest Preparation Timeline
Contest Chair Briefing VIRTUAL *updated 4/19/21
Contest Chair Briefing *updated 2/26/20
Contest Roles & Responsibilities
Contest Picture Guidelines
Contest Evaluation/Guidelines document used by District Representative *9/7/18


Modify samples below as needed

Certificate Preparation & Presentation – updated 1/6/20
Certificate of Appreciation  for Contest Helpers, Chief Judge, etc. (.doc) – updated 1/6/20
Certificate of Participation (all contestants) (.doc) – updated 1/6/20
Thank you for providing facility (.doc) – updated 1/6/20
Third Place Winner (.doc) – updated 1/6/20

Certificates Provided by Toastmasters International

First Place Winner – Form 510A
Second Place Winner – Form 510B
Third Place Winner – Form 510C
Participation – Form510C

Toastmasters International Timing Cards

images below

Chief Judge’s Resources

Virtual Chief Judges Reference*updated 02/08/21
Chief Judge’s Report *updated 10/15/20
Chief Judge’s Briefing*updated 02/08/21
Virtual Tiebreaking Judge’s Briefing*updated 02/04/21


Judge’s Certificate of Eligibility & Code of Ethics – Form 1170 *updated 01/19/21
Speech Contest Time Record Sheet – Form 1175 used by timekeepers – 10/15/20
Contest Counter’s Tally Sheet – Form 1176 used by ballot counters – updated 10/15/20
Notification of winners – Form 1182 Listing of winners advancing to next level – updated 10/15/20
Results Form (announcement of winners – Form 1168*updated 02/10/21

Contest-Ballot-Judges-Evaluation – Form 1179*updated 01/19/21
Contest-Ballot-Tiebreaking Judge-Evaluation – Form 1179A*updated 01/19/21

Contest-Ballot-Judges-International*- Form 1172*updated 01/19/21
Contest-Ballot-Tiebreaking Judge-International* – Form 1188*updated 01/19/21

Contest-Ballot-Judges-Humorous- Form 1191*updated 01/19/21
Contest-Ballot-Tiebreaking Judge-Humorous – Form 1191A*updated 01/19/21

Contest-Ballot-Judges-Table Topics- Form 1180*updated 01/19/21
Contest-Ballot-Tiebreaking Judge-Table Topics – Form 1180A*updated 01/19/21

Contest-Ballot-Judges-Tall Tales- Form 1181*updated 01/19/21
Contest-Ballot-Tiebreaking Judge-Tall Tales – Form 1181A*updated 01/19/21

  • *Complete eligibility requirements, and all other rules, can be found in the current contest rule book – link at top of this page.

Below is an excerpt from the rule book related to education requirements for the International Speech Contest:

  • Contestant must have completed six speech projects in the Competent Communication manual or a minimum of two levels in the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience.
  • However, a charter member of a club chartered less than one year before the club contest is permitted to compete without having
    completed this requirement.
  • The club must have officially chartered before the area contest.

More Speech Contest Information

How to Tell Tall Tales – March 2013 Toastmaster magazine
Your Must Be Kidding: Tall Tales Are a Tall Order – September 2014 Toastmaster magazine

Links to tutorials and FAQs, and more on Toastmasters International website

District Webinar for Contest Chairs – contest training 9/1/2016

Education Resources

In this section of our web site you’ll find information that may be useful for education in Toastmasters.

If you can’t find information you’re looking for and which you think might be helpful to others as well, please let us know by emailing to the Webmaster.

Pathways Program – Education Materials

Pathways Resource Page
Pathways Evaluation Forms for download

Traditional Program – Education Materials

Education Materials – Toastmasters International
Additional Education Information – Toastmasters International
Club/District Powerpoint Template *added 8/2018

Leadership Excellence Series  – click here to download directly from TI

Toastmasters International’s The Leadership Excellence Series is a set of presentations addressing the subject of leadership. Members will learn about the skills they will need to be successful leaders inside and outside of Toastmasters.

Visionary Leader | PDF | PPT
Developing A Mission | PDF | PPT
Values & Leadership PDF | PPT
Goal Setting & Planning | PDF | PPT
Delegate to Empower | PDF | PPT
Building a Team | PDF | PPT
Giving Effective Feedback | PDF | PPT
The Leader as a Coach | PDF | PPT
Motivating People | PDF | PPT
Service & Leadership | PDF | PTT
Resolving Conflict PDF | PPT

Better Speaker Series – click here to download directly from TI

Toastmasters International’s The Better Speaker Series is a set of presentations offering instruction on basic speaking skills. Designed to be delivered by members to their clubs, presentations in this series provide new speaking techniques and facts that can help all club members develop their communication skills.

Beginning Your Speech | PDF | PPT
Concluding Your Speech PDF | PPT
Controlling Your Fear PDF | PPT
Impromptu Speaking PDF PPT
Selecting Your Topic PDF | PPT
Know Your Audience | PDF | PPT
Organizing Your Speech PDF | PPT
Creating an Introduction PDF | PPT
Preparation & Practice PDF | PPT
Using Body Language PDF | PPT

Successful Club Series – click here to download directly from TI

Toastmasters International’s The Successful Club Series is a set of presentations addressing the subject of quality club meetings. Members will learn about the skills and standards they must strive to achieve for their club to be successful.

Moments of Truth – *updated 7/16
– Moments of Truth – Complete Module | PDF
– Moments of Truth Worksheet | PDF
– Moments of Truth Wall Chart | PDF
– Moments of Truth Powerpoint Slides | PPT
Finding New Members for your Club | PDF | PPT
Evaluate to Motivate | PDF | PPT
Closing the Sale | PDF | PPT
Creating Best Club Climate | PDF | PPT
Meeting Roles and Responsibilities | PDF | PPT
– Mentoring | PDF | PPT
– Mentor Interest Survey
– Mentee Assignmnt Notice
– Mentor Assignment Notice
– Mentor Certificate
– How to Manage Your Club’s Mentor Program
Keeping the Commitment
– Keeping the Commitment | PDF | PPT
– Toastmasters’s Promise
Going Beyond Our Clubs | PDF | PPT
How To Be a Distinguished Club
– How to Be A Distinguished Club (D25 version/Pathways) PDF | PPT – added 7/10/20
– Distinguished Club Program & Club Success Plan
Toastmasters Education Program | PDF | PPT

Road to Distinguished Toastmaster Information

Pathways and Traditional Programs – click here to see full details
DTM – Information from Toastmasters International – Traditional and Pathways

Traditional Program – Education Award Applications

Advanced Leader (ALS) and DTM Award Application

ALS: Prequisite: Complete the High Performance Leadership, Year of Service as a District Officer, Successful Club Coach, Sponsor, Mentor, or Specialist, AND complete the “old” Competent Leader prior to June 30, 2008 or the Advanced Leader Bronze Award (above),

DTM: Prequisite: Complete the Advanced Leader Silver (or AL prior to June 30, 2006) and the Advanced Communicator Gold (or ATMG prior to June 30, 2006).

DTM Tracking form

High Performance Leadership Flyer

Historical Information

Competent Communicator – objectives & evaluations

Competent Communication Manual – pdf format – added 6/11/18
> Project #1  The Ice Breaker – added 6/11/18
> Project #2  Organize Your Speech – added 6/11/18
> Project #3  Get To The Point – added 6/11/18
> Project #4  How To Say It – added 6/11/18
> Project #5  Your Body Speaks – 6/11/18
> Project #6  Vocal Variety – added 6/11/18
> Project #7  Research Your Topic – added 6/11/18
> Project #8  Get Comfortable With Visual Aids – added 6/11/18
> Project #9  Persuade With Power – added 6/11/18
> Project #10 Inspire Your Audience – added 6/11/18

Advanced Manuals – listing
Advanced Manuals – description/objectives
Advanced Manuals – objectives/evaluation guidelines
Expanding Your Horizons – Success/Leadership and Success/Communication Programs*