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Good meetings keep members coming

Are your meetings good enough to keep your members coming back? Well-run meetings are at the top of the list in retaining members. People want to feel their time is not wasted. Our members deserve a meeting that is organized, starts and ends on time, and is fun and informative.  Here’s another reason why is it...


Communicating With Members

One of the keys to our district’s well-being and success is including and engaging all our members. Open communication is a prime ingredient in keeping everyone informed and up to date on what is happening, what needs to happen and the opportunities that exist for them. This begins our interactive marketing blog, which will provide...


Saving a Club, Helping Real People

Would you help a child? Of course you would! Most of us would freely give our time to help a child in need. But, would you help a club? What if a struggling club needs your help? Would you help them?  Just for a moment, don’t think of it as a club; think of it...

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