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The Importance of Retaining Members

 Part one of a three-part series:  Putting First Things First: Formulating & Applying a Member Retention Strategy “It’s easier to keep a member than find a new one.” It’s a cliché … because it’s true. For your Toastmasters club, area, division and district to grow, a steady stream of new members is needed, but so is...


Maintain Your Better Life

“Just think about how much better your lives are.”  Paul Simon performed in Grand Prairie on October 28, 2011.  Photo by Dean Lampman Legendary singer-songwriter Paul Simon offered those comforting words to his Grand Prairie audience as the Texas Rangers lost to the Cardinals in World Series Game 7. Simon married a Dallas-area woman; he...


Achieving the Vision

  It’s up to all of us to support the vision behind the Toastmasters International rebranding campaign and accompanying tagline: “Where Leaders are Made.” If you and your club want to get started, here are three ways to support rebranding:  Update your Website. As several D25 clubs have done already, just follow the instructions on...


How Pictures Can Speak for Your Club

  Brendon Payne Community newspapers are always looking for content. Forget the big guys — they will likely ignore your submission. Look for small, local papers who NEED content that covers your area. It’s true; pictures say a thousand words. Send the paper a decent quality picture of your officers’ installation, winners of a club...


Gung Ho in D25!

Gung ho is an Americanism, derived from China, which conveys the concept of working together; it’s also the name of a 1986 movie starring Michael Keaton and 1997 book by Ken Blanchard. The 1986 movie The 1997 book When we’re Gung ho in Toastmasters, rewards inevitably follow. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing that occur in...


Be a Model Marketer: Exhibit the Two Ps of Good Toastmasters

Dean Lampman In Toastmasters, more than many organizations, marketing is everyone’s responsibility. Our district will continue to prosper only if we each make the required effort; this article offers insight on what that entails and how to do your part. To propel the growth of District 25, you need NOT be fully versed on the...

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