Great Guidance, Gary!

Las Colinas Communicators (8055) recognized Club President Gary Samuelson on June 13th with a beautiful plaque for his continued leadership, and specifically for leading the club to their eleventh consecutive year as a President’s Distinguished club. Here is part of the presentation speech delivered by the club’s Vice President of Education, Ramesh Shaastri: Many people join Toastmasters so they might learn to make one special and important presentation. Quite a few people achieve confidence in a multitude of speaking and leadership situations. Several go further to achieve their advanced Toastmaster ratings as they continue to improve specific communication and leadership skills....

Here’s One Way to Make a “Verbal Contribution”

Charter a new Toastmasters club and call it that, which is just what happened! Members of Verbal Contribution (club #2480279) received their charter member certificates at the June 12 meeting. The club officers are pictured with Area Governor Jill Morrison and Club Mentor Tammy Estill (a member of Keller Communicators). Verbal Contribution is a closed club and meets at TD Ameritrade, 4600 Alliance Gateway Fwy in Fort Worth, on Tuesdays at 4:45 pm.   By Jodie Sanders

The Distinguished Club Program Plus

Gary Samuelson The mission of the club is focused on “every individual member” and “self-confidence and personal growth.”  While club officers can, and should, be aware of each individual member’s goals and progress towards those goals, it is impractical for district leaders to do so. The Distinguished Club Program provides an important tool for evaluating the health of a Toastmasters club. Note that the objective is for the individual members to achieve their goals and so experience personal growth; the Distinguished Club Program should not be considered as an end in itself. For purposes of the DCP, the Toastmasters year...

Spellbinders Shine Silver!

Thursday night, May 31st marked an exciting milestone for Club 6572, Texas Wesleyan Spellbinders, as club members and guests celebrated the club’s 25th Anniversary with an Open House. The “silver” theme permeated decorations at the Bobby Bragan Fellowship Hall in the historic Polytechnic United Methodist Church building on the TWU campus, and sparkled on the clothing and in the eyes of members and guests alike. Our exciting club meeting featured an Icebreaker speech from Ann Bradley, one of our newest members, and an inspirational message from Aldean (Al) Pearson. Al, the club Vice President of Membership, also  spearheaded the planning committee...

Sunset Club Is on the Rise in San Angelo

There’s a new club on the horizon in San Angelo. As you can see, they are a great group of folks! They have had a few meetings already and are working on getting the 20 members needed to charter. Cindy Buckingham, a Distinguished Toastmaster who has worked with clubs in Tennessee, is taking the lead in organizing this club. Area 13 Governor Mittie Blackburn and District Governor Diana Patton attended their meeting on June 4. They are meeting at the ‘Inspire Me’ bookstore in San Angelo. How appropriate is that?         By Jodie Sanders

Destined to Be Toastmasters

District 25 held a demo meeting at Destiny Church on May 29. We had our second meeting with them on June 5. The plan is to charter a club. Bobby Tatum is the new group’s president. Destiny Church is located at 3508 Blue Springs Drive in southwest Fort Worth. The pastor is James Womack. By Jodie Sanders

Toastmasters Really Does Make a Difference

Jacquelyn Martin Do you ever wonder just how much you are getting out of your Toastmasters experience? It may be much more than you realize. I have been attending a business resource group for the past few months. The leader of the group did a good job of keeping the meeting moving and on target. He may well have had some Toastmasters experience somewhere along the line. This gentleman passed away suddenly, so the cofounder of the group was at the meeting to oversee it this past week. She is hard working, compassionate and a person of integrity, but when...

Speakers of the House Get National Recognition

  Speakers of the House Toastmasters Club recently received a prestigious national award. This club, sponsored by the Fort Worth Housing Authority, received a Merit Award from the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO), a professional membership organization of housing and community development agencies. Club President Shannon Kimble says their award “was for programs to innovate professional development as well as public relations. These are highly sought after awards in our field. We are very proud to have received it.” Some excerpts from their successful award application: “During one of our meetings our executive staff noticed that some of our highly trained,...

Mansfield Member Is in the Picture — in Israel

Toastmaster Ruth Edwards recently visited Israel. She had pictures taken of her on a beach in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem near the Via Dolorosa. Of course she had taken along her copy of Toastmaster magazine to help fill those long hours on the plane. Ruth is a charter member of the Mansfield Sunrise Toastmasters Club, which is completing its first year in Mansfield, Texas. Looks like the magazine had a great trip — hope you did, too, Ruth!   Thanks for sharing your pictures!           By Jodie Sanders

The Life of a Toastmasters Club Banner

Somehow it does not seem like you are a real Toastmasters club until you get your banner. Then you have something official to gather around for club pictures. Here are some tips for the newer clubs in our district on the care and feeding of club banners. At every meeting, the banner should be up front, presiding over all the club’s activities. Whenever you take photos of any special occasion, the banner should be right there. When you go to contests, the banner should go along and get a prime spot near the speaking area. And when it’s time for...