by Marylee Mims DTM PDG

July is the beginning of a new Toastmasters year!

It’s the perfect time to plan what you want to accomplish in Toastmasters during the next 12 months.

Now is a great time to decide to achieve several educational goals/levels in the 2022-2023 Toastmasters year. One level is good, two is better, and three is AWESOME! Toastmasters International has a special designation for members who achieve 3 (or more) educational levels in one Toastmasters year. It’s called a “Triple Crown”.

Start now by making a plan to work through your chosen Pathway(s). It’s OK to look ahead at future projects. You may be able to utilize situations that come up during the coming months for various projects!

Perhaps think of the year in quarters. Strive to achieve one level each quarter. If you “miss” one quarter, keep working, and by year’s end, you will have completed three educational levels and achieved the Triple Crown!

Whatever your plan, follow it!

Achieving a Triple Crown is part of my plan for this Toastmasters year. I hope it’s a part of your plan too!

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