by Wayne Lewis PM5

What is it like to be in Toastmasters? Being in Toastmasters is like handing the support of your goals and dreams over to someone to hold the ladder for you while climbing up to the roof of a home.

For you, it’s trusting that what you have in mind to achieve is never too complicated or outrageous for Toastmasters to help you to become extremely successful. Toastmasters and its thousands of members are here to not only help you climb your ladder to success, but we are here to hold that ladder for you, as well.

Here is just a short list of things that fellow Toastmasters can hold the ladder for you while you are climbing your ladder to success:

    1. Ice Breaker-1st
    2. Humor- incorporating humor in your presentations.
    3. Organization-How to present an organized presentation.
    4. Time Management- How to tailor a presentation to meet time constraints.
    5. Pathways Projects
    6. DTM – Distinguished Toastmaster.

You can continue your climb, but at your pace. We are here to support you at every level of speed and comfort that helps you to be at your best. There will be little to worry about, for however high you wish to climb, count on the steadiness of your ladder in Toastmasters. We are not going to let you fall or fail.

Do not think that your talents, skills, and abilities will not be needed throughout Toastmasters because you are climbing the ladder to success. We need to press you into action as quickly as possible. Toastmasters is not just about climbing our ladders, it is also about holding ladders, for others.

Each time that you are a timer, or a grammarian, you too are holding a ladder for someone so that they can improve in Toastmasters. That’s what Toastmasters is about: Holding Ladders. Because holding ladders change lives. Isn’t that why you wanted to join Toastmasters? To change lives? We need Toastmasters like you who can hold a ladder for others while achieving their phenomenal success. Previous experience not required!

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