by Brandi Wesley LD5 Division B Director

Each year the world experiences seasonal changes as the Earth rotates around the sun. Because of the Earth’s tilted axis, some experience seasons at different times and varying levels of impact than others. This seasonal change is much like that of a Toastmaster.

The first season for a Toastmaster is spring. During this time, seeds take root and vegetation starts to grow. This budding self-starter works through their pathways, scheduling speeches, attending education sessions, and performing club roles at meetings. They accept feedback and integrate suggestions into future work. Roots take hold and the stem becomes stronger.

The second season in the cycle is summer. Temperatures start to rise. The Toastmaster may find themselves becoming overzealous, over-committing themselves, and at risk of burning out. Perhaps they are experiencing the ever-dreaded drought during which writing speeches becomes daunting and topics are scarce.

Soon, the Toastmaster enters their third season, autumn. Temperatures begin to cool, and the rain has returned. The Toastmaster has adjusted their commitments and returns to delivering speeches. This is a time for bountiful harvest and celebrations as the Toastmaster refocuses on their goals.

The final season, winter, can be just as challenging as summer. The Toastmaster is entering a season that can be cold and dreary. Many find ways to stay warm and may need to adapt to the new climate. Some find this time in the rotation to be lonely as others move on to different paths, levels, and goals. This is a good time for a reflection on perspective; is climate change beautiful or a hindrance?

Before they know it, the Toastmaster has completed an entire seasonal rotation. They look back and rejoice in the good, the bad, and the ugly. Things that were so hard and frustrating do not seem as bad. The Toastmaster now views those experiences as lessons that led to growth. They are rejuvenated and excited to start the process over again.

The only constant in life is change. Know that with change comes growth. No legacy was built in the absence of change. Hold your head high, embrace the change, and empower your legacy.

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