by Dave Papenmeier DTM Summit Manager

This year, the vision for the Summit is to energize members out of their comfort zone and bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be, creating a rewarding future. Plans include thought-provoking and encouraging sessions to inspire people to pursue change and the accompanying benefits.

What is the Summit? It was first created in 2018 by District 25 as a way to share powerful education sessions with fellow D25’ers. (Grammarian, is that a word?!) We’ve been gathering together at Summits each fall for five years. It’s officially an annual event!

Educational opportunities, fantastic keynotes during meals, and our special Distinguished Toastmasters Ceremony will fill the day. It’s everything we love most about the District 25 Annual Conference squeezed into a single day. Attendees will have many exciting education sessions from which to choose. The only downside? You can’t attend them all!

The 2022 Summit will be held on November 12 at the Marriott DFW Westlake. Speaker applications are currently being accepted, more event details are forthcoming on the D25 website.

Come, and hear outstanding speakers who will energize and challenge you to be a better you.

Get ready to Draw Your Bridge and step into a rewarding future for yourself and your club!

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