by Kelsey Dean SR4 & Jamie Pickering DTM

Do you like to be first?  Do we have an opportunity for you!

Join D25’s Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) at our FIRST ever Town Hall meeting on June 23, 2022, at 7 pm, where we want to hear from you. You don’t want to miss this!

The committee has been hard at work this FIRST year putting together an initial plan that has set the foundation. Now, we need your voice to further make our district successful.

Plan to be the FIRST to provide feedback at this FIRST Town Hall!

It’s been a year of FIRSTS for this committee, starting with forming a provisional strategic planning committee for the FIRST time late last year. The FIRST members were Jamie Pickering—Chair, Chris Raneri—Vice-Chair, Mike Kinser—Parliamentarian, Kelsey Dean—Secretary, Ross Moore, Setma Maddox, and Bonne Stroman. The SPC held their FIRST meeting way back on January 9 with six attendees, and their FIRST plan was approved on April 2. They welcomed their FIRST new member, Denise McConnell, on April 25th, but her official start date was delayed so she could finish out her FIRST time as a conference chair. Finally, on May 12th, the District Council voted to officially make the SPC a standing committee in D25.

Please join the June 23 Town Hall by registering here to be heard FIRST and continue to make history in D25!

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