by Jim Jameson D25 Pathways Coordinator

Some of us ‘old timers may fondly remember the paper manuals.  In those pages we could look ahead and see things to come or look back and remember every speech – its title, when and where we gave it, and what project.  Pathways does not provide a way to track most of this information in Base Camp, but we have some good tools that can help shine a light on your Pathways journey.

A  tracking spreadsheet that covers all paths (old and new) in a single file.  Each path is on a separate tab, and there are additional tabs on the right with useful reference information. The information can be used in multiple ways, as explained on the ReadMe tab.

For those who prefer a simpler or different style of tracking tool, other progress charts can be found on the D25 Pathways Resource Page. (Most provide a separate fillable PDF file for each Path.)

A catalog of all Paths and Projects. This tool from D57 has been featured in every Pathways presentation. It is a very handy reference to look ahead in your paths and see all the possibilities laid out clearly before you – with just the right level of detail.  (For us ‘old timers it is like the “Sears Catalog Wish Book” of Pathways!)

You can try these out using the links above or attend one of our Pathways presentations where we will talk about these and more!

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