by Marcheta Gardner DTM District Director

TikTok… Instagram… LinkedIn… Facebook!  Do you know what these have in common?  Our November Toastmaster of the month, that’s what!  Michelle Debenport has trailblazed the PRM role for D25 by launching a PR Team and committees to do more “things” in D25!

She has led her team to launch D25 TikTok, advertised more on Instagram to attract a tech savvy crowd.  She trained the Division and Area Directors on Canva to facilitate those wonderful contest flyers that we’ll begin to see in January!

Michelle has quietly taken the PRM role by storm and continues to showcase D25, its members and activities.  We are delighted to highlight the work Michelle has done as she leads a phenomenal PR team to ensure we are Brand compliant!

Please join us in congratulating Michelle, our Toastmaster for the month of November!  She keeps D25 in stellar “advertising” style and keeps us up to date on happenings throughout the District!

Thank you, Michelle, for putting D25 in Lights!

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