by Ninfa Flewitt DTM District Director

We are members of an organization in which we are expected to invite friends and family to join us. We invite them to keep meetings lively and engaging. I have yet to find a Toastmaster who champions our organization like this month’s Outstanding Member.

This person contributes monthly to our Hot Topics newsletter with content that is warm and engaging.  At the same time, he thoughtfully acknowledges what Toastmasters, and its members do to help him along his journey, and he offers to help others. If you have read his column, you know that he genuinely cares and is humbled to reap the benefits of the vast mentoring opportunities available to him through Toastmasters and beautifully recognizes those who taken the time to personally mentor him.

For his willingness to promote Toastmasters outside of our organization by sharing his speeches and sharing the benefits of Toastmasters with the world, Ankur Bora is District 25’s Outstanding Member of the Month.  Thank you for inspiring us with your sincere appreciation for Toastmasters!

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ankur bora

My mom always tells me, “My son, surround yourself with flowers, and you will smell like perfume.” I am dedicating this recognition to my mother Maloti Bora