by Ninfa Flewitt DTM District Director

Who do you call when you need something done?  You call someone busy! This month, we called on our busy member, Sallie Jett, more than once to help us out in a pinch!!

Sallie, along with her husband Jason, took on the role for the conference as Virtual First Timers Chair to be sure to include those who joined virtually in a fun get to know you event!  She signed on for that role, but when the “in-person” First Timers Chair was unavailable at the last minute, she jumped in and took over the role to welcome and celebrate those in person first timers as well as those online.  She was supported by Jason in this quick change and all the first timers were welcomed to the conference!!

Prior to the conference, the need came up for a chair for the Website Contest. Sallie quickly said, “YES!” to the opportunity to chair that committee. That meant finding a committee and going through the process of sorting through every club website and rating the websites to select the top 3 websites in District 25.

Sallie, for having the confidence to say, “Yes!” to new opportunities and for filling in to support the members of District 25, I am honored to name you the June 2022 Outstanding Member of the Month!

I am Inspired by YOU, Sallie!

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