by Jesse Ford CGD DL5 SR4

What do you get when you combine costumes, a zoom meeting, Toastmasters and guests? A great Halloween themed meeting of course.

No tricks here…just treats. Congratulations to Golden Triangle for being the October Open House Winner! But wait…They were also a Golden Gavel and a Charterversary meeting. Way to go Golden Triangle.

A few special notes that they had 0 agenda changes, both the Area 61 Director Samantha Watt and Division F Director Celeste Castro in the meeting. If this is not a bunch of hocus pocus, then surely it must be that this club is doing something right as they had 16 total guests. Way to spread the word and share the excitement. Your favorite Halloween candy might be Snickers, M&M’s, Peanut Butter Cups or licorice but my favorite treat is when Toastmasters are having fun and growing together!

Way to go Golden Triangle! You have special TI Gift Certificates Treats coming your way.

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