by Emily Murray DTM Club Growth Director

First Command Toastmasters had their first hybrid Open House on May 3, 2022, with a theme of Stars Wars Day/May the 4th Be With You. Fun fact: Did you know it’s called Star Wars Day because May the 4th Be With You doesn’t translate well in other languages?

In Yoda-speak: Served delicious snacks were. Shared entertaining information about the history of Stars Wars was. Attended 11 Toastmasters and 14 guests did. Exemplified quality and fun the meeting did.

Attendees were entertained and informed while listening to engaging Toastmaster Danny Coonce. Even better, First Command was overjoyed to be able to welcome several new members in the following week because of this highly successful Open House!

Congratulations and well-done First Command Toastmasters club!

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