The Winds of Change

by Ninfa Flewitt DTM District Director

Sometimes change sneaks up on us. Other times change is right in your face, BIG and SCARY.

Every time, we get through that change mostly unscathed.

If we are lucky, the change is for the better. If we aren’t lucky, we learn to adapt ever so slowly and with resistance. The first option works best.  We learn something new and we enjoy a life without said resistance. That fight we put up trying to keep change away only drains us of our energy and the changes occur anyway.

With the change of season, comes many opportunities. You can take on a new role in your club. Try a backward meeting or something fun to engage your members and keep them coming back. Volunteer to lead a Speech Craft or Open House. Enthusiastically say, “Yes,” when asked to attend a District event or take on a District leadership role!

Heraclitus said, “The only constant in life is change.”

I know that I have changed over the last 5 years as a Toastmaster. I am more confident.  I speak with authority.  I am a better version of the already amazingly impressive person that I was before Toastmasters. (Did you see what I did there? Confidence.)

We all endure change and little by little, we see the difference. You may not notice it daily, but take a minute to look back over the last year. How have you changed? What has changed in your life? Did you go with the flow, or did you put up a fight?

I believe in you! I believe that the change coming your way is for your good.

Change can be scary. Be the person who is not afraid; be the one who embraces the possibilities!

District 25, I continue to be Inspired by YOU and your amazingly awesome possibilities.

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