by JILL MORRISON, DTM #clubreporter

There’s family you are born with and family you choose. If you are lucky, they are one in the same. At Top Notch Toastmasters (TNT), I experienced a taste of family this week. Joyce Trimble and I joined TNT for a laugh-filled meeting where we were made to feel part of the family. This small meeting was infused with great attitude, for as the president Phylliss said, “If you have just 2 members present, you can have a meeting!”

Joyce, our own OOPS Chef, gave a speech, “The Spice of My Life”, a melodic poem about how ‘just’ is the spice of her life. Have you ever given a speech that was also a poem full of rhythm and rhyme? Joyce entertained us with 5 minutes using excellent vocal variety and a well of feeling while reciting her poem.

Jacque amazed us with questions about how we look at the meeting’s theme ‘If we could turn back time. We were reminded that we are gifted with the miracle of time each morning, little girls love their daddies, and changing the past might just change the future in unplanned ways.

Phylliss went onto expressed her admiration of Joyce’s speech style and her costume as Joyce dressed up as a chef, the OOPS chef, for this speech. Have you ever given a speech in costume? I think Phylliss will join me in saying it takes the presentation of that speech to a whole new level.

Throughout this meeting, I could feel the love and family this club enjoys along with the laughter and fun they have throughout their meeting. If you are looking for a “We are Family” club, TNT might just be the family you are looking for.

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