by Dana Morgan Barnes DTM PDG – District 26

Kindness … There’s a Thought!


The past couple of years has been challenging for all of us. Toastmasters’ clubs and members are no exception.  Along with do we work from home or don’t we?? How do we hold our Toastmasters meetings?? Continue on Zoom, hybrid or jump back into being in person??


How did these past 2 years impact our clubs and our members?  Are the members hungry to  meet in person or have they embraced their inner pajama bottom, bunny slipper speaking selves?   There have been benefits and obstacles we have all had to adjust to. How can we take all we learned and bring the benefits of Toastmasters to a socially starving world?


Let’s do it with kindness!!  Build up our existing members, bring in new members and support our Districts through kindness.


Kindness is one of our Core Values.  No, it’s not on the coin, the literature, or Toastmasters website. But think about it!  Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence go hand in hand with compassion, caring and kindness.


Let’s build a better club, a better District and maybe a better world using the concept of kindness.  Just think about it.  We can do it.

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